Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ViJaY tHe JuMpEr!

***Quite a lengthy post on hazardous stuff, pls be ready to wear laughter masks!*****

He is the next in line to be the superstar, that's his assumption of course. He is called as the Ilayathalapathy(young general) again by himself , but folks here use him as to threaten kids to sleep early and eat properly, otherwise make the kids watch movie. Why am i writing this post?.because i was hunted by the Hunter(vettaikarn - his new movie).

For all non-Tamil readers, its OK, consider you are lucky to have survived this foray. I have a question for all the readers, Its about jumping .How long can anyone jump? Have heard that Mike Powell is the current world record holder for the 8.95m leap, Our Anju Bobby George has her record at 6.74(if statistics are wrong, blame google search index , took some time to search it) , so lets say that's the max an Indian can jump. So hope everyone agrees.

Well people let me introduce you to what our country might have missed in Olympics and World championships!

Here is the Kuruvi Jump, those who need to practice need to deposit 5lakh rupees to the blog owner's account for a special training. Interested participants will be given a exclusive training from one and only Vijay himself! well in the later half of the video he actually runs and jumps on to the train then, thats the twist , so he does not land on the train directly :).

To brief more about our Hero, recently he was honoured the legendary Doctorate for which our hero assumed it had to do something with the treatment for the disease he had and did not turn up for the function, and the organisers had trouble in explaining that they are not taking him to the doctor for treatment.

Also he was the official ambassador for the Chennai Super Kings and he was quite ecstatic on being given this new post, but unfortunately his knowledge of cricket was quite little and he asked Dhoni for a chance in the cricket team by bribing with Nayanthara .

Let me quote the lyrics of his opening song featured in his new movie

Nan adicha thanga maata ,Naalu maasam thoonga maata
Modhi paaru veedu poi sera maata

It means

" If I hit you you will not be able to bear me, 4 Months you will not be able to sleep
Try to bully me and yu'll not reach home"

Well instead we can re-frame this as

" If I act you will not be able to bear me, 4 months you will not be able to sleep
Try to watch my movie and you are in Guinness"

Well , jokes apart he is a very good TOR (there is no ACT in the word) , and if you are a vijay fan, please do read my disclaimer before you jump on me!

My previous post was a tragedy basically its like it was because the previous night I was made to watch this movie. So forgive me if it was a disaster!

Happy New Year everyone!!...:D I'll let you all know my bunch of new year resolutions for 2010!

Friday, December 25, 2009

iN SeArCh Of - 55 FiCtIoN

Hey Amigos, me back after two weeks of detention! Will be back with my usual interesting boring writings,and back to your spaces as well. To start with Forgive me and hope yu all are doing fine.
Today was the last date, could not find the application form
I opened frantically, it would not open!
I opened the tools! and removed the cookies inside
Finally it opened.
So Many forms , OMG!
I started to search from top to bottom,
One by one
Ah! There it is , thanks to Google, found the website to Apply :) !

Merry Christmas everyone. Please enjoy the festive season with your family and friends! Its more fun of course :D

Thursday, December 10, 2009

mE tHe BaBy HeRo & ThAnK YoU

Hey fellas, Unlikely of me to update my blog apart from a Friday, yet am tempted to post this. A Big thanks to all my Blog readers (especially my mokai inspiration Chriz Bro), who had the patience to read my posts all these days, somehow I caught the attention of Webneetech and they have featured my so called Interview CLICK HERE. As I mentioned earlier in one of my pretty bad at Interviews, but somehow I came up with much decent answers. Thanks to Anamika from Webneetech!

Luv yu all...thanks and keep lol'ing whist yu are here!
As mentioned in my previous post I have plenty of superpowers and one of them being my Memory, My memory is so blank that I can recall what happened when I was a 8 Month old baby.Just a small snapshot of myself :D

To become HaRy you need to be HaRy....and for that its little difficult for you all, as I began to read a lot ,even from my tender age...of 8 months. My flair for reading was soooo very impressive that I used to read every book near me For all Jealous babies out there, look at me reading(pic) , I know what all you kids would have done...Pulling strands of hair off your sister, wail right in your mom's ear, hold your bro's nose until they yell in pain,wetting bed (Chriz till date) but yes, am unique :) .

This photograph was taken when my neighbour Aunty brought her 6 month old baby girl to my home, So I realised girls fall for boys with high reading skills and I tried pretending to read the book and show off, until she crawled near me and turned my book, as I was holding it upside down. Nevertheless she was amazed at my Topsy turvy skills. Now am sure if my neighbourhood gal would not remember this as she does not hold super powers like me.

This picture is me...Yes It was supposed to be appearing for the Dabur Chyawanprash ad for intellectual babies.

Friday, December 4, 2009

MiNd ReAdEr !!

Last couple of days I came to know one of my biggest gifts - Mind Reading . What is mind reading...hmmm "Its The illusion of telepathy in the performing art of Mentalism" The word Mentalism always echo's behind me as I have been referred with that quite a couple of times. Mind reading is very easy you know, let me quote some instances where i realised i have this impeccable talent.

This is the best
The Interviewer asked me "Who is Hari" , for which I said " Hari is the other name of Lord Vishnu, alias Krishna and he is one of the top 3 God's and he has taken 10 Avatar's....blah blah blah" He said "Stop, All I asked was to know about you." I am pretty sure he must have thought " What creativity" , funny my name did not appear in the selected candidate list.

When I finish eating to my full stomach and burp and exclaim to my friend that I forgot to bring my purse, then I know he thinks "Yu no good dumb "@#$" .

When then lovely babe who stays in my opposite flat comes out early morning and i stop brushing and gape at her, from her smile i know she thinks " wow, finally he brushed " , whereas in the ground floor her Dad's glare I know he thinks " wtf "

I can also read minds thru telephone and emails, like

When I send a formal email after trying every word with Thesaurus, I get a nasty reply back from which I can determine the mailer be thinking as" why? am not a gal, don't try to impress me"

When some one explains for almost 5 whole minutes and i say "Pardon me, please repeat" ,one deep sigh from the caller says "Moron..." that am sure I can make out the telepathy.

I can easily tell that half the readers of the blog are wondering what this blogger's intention is, to make comedy or tragedy, So if this post does not make much sense, carry on with your work...of course after throwing an Egg or Tomato comments @ me.. :D

Bear with me for my lazy posts and comments...extreme busy yu know, yet i don't wanna miss you guys!
Happy Weekend everyone :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

RuN - 55 FiCtIoN #3

His eyes were burning, Headache as usual.
Enough, Still he had to run ..
They would come for him sooner or later
Everything appeared chaotic before him
He moved his tired hands
Clock chimed 4'o Clock
He checked and realised they still chased him
He ran the program
"CPF5672 : Query failed. " Sigh!

To all those late night working IT people out there... and am sure all are definitely being chased by the team of managers , now please don't smile sarcastically, includes me as well. I agree I gave an impression that I was jobless but those days are gone and blah blah i can talk endlessly without adding any meaning to it.

So Happy Working and Happy Weekend amigos.

Friday, November 20, 2009

BuLlYiNg ThE jUnIoR

This Post surely is not abt ragging and so I ask you all to please refrain from blowing my cover to Interpol. Just a small experience , bunch of friends who show casted their heroics to get dumbness in the return, includes me in the gang.

We have this Open house exhibition annually in college and its the time where most of the students come out with brilliant projects and more studious students like me, keep trotting from project to project and ask questions of no relevance.So we the four of us (Bharath,Hari Venky,Karthi and Me) all in second year of college thought "Damn with the projects" and so set out to proj - hopping asking logical & Dumb questions in all the technical projects and yeah to check out new gals in the neighbourhood. And before all of you assume nasty things about us, we all are put up in decent organizations like Wipro(not a soap company) ,HCL(not just computers they manufacture) , Mindtree( not the restaurant) and also another Entrepreneur(yippee i spelt it right).

After much teasing and questioning around we reached first year block of Information & Technology department where we happened to see all funny projects like Flash games and basic Inventory projects, tsk very easy.Also its a known fact that IT dept is called as Figures(babe's) department as for our department(ECE) its full of Zombie's .

So we went along questioning only projects which bore good looking gals, there was one particular stand where it had two gals(of course good looking) with one guy blah blah 'ing to them, Bharath being the Nice guy his stomach started to burn at the sight of 2:1 ratio that too in First year Block, so pulled all our temper and set to that stand.

Following was the conversation

Bharath : " Hiya , Explain this piece for me" One gal starts blah blah blah abt the project while the guy is still engrossed in a deep kadalai (Tamil slang for nonsense/sense talk between girl and boy).

Karthi : " Whoa, stop! who did this Project"

Gal 1 : " We "

Karthi : " Then why are your mates not here explaining along with yu"

Gal 1 : " Yeah they can, ... but... he"

Me (Interuppting) : " No buts, dai(calling him) and you(to the other girl) come here both"
The guy looks bewildered

Me :" You, come here...are you mad? Nonsense fellow come here, is this dumb project yours?, or are yu working on some project with that gal"
His face boils instead of fear and the gal started to blutter in fear and embarrassment.

H.Venky : " (Pointing at me) Sir kupidarangila(calling you) right? come on in here and talk"

Suddenly in rage the guy sat(obviously he felt insulted in front of the gals), stands up and we realise he was not as short as we thought and instead he is more 6"2 .

Kadalai Guy : " Who are you guys? what do you want... Do you know who I am?"

H.Venky : (With little fear inside) " How dare you speak loud, you dumb first year kadalai party"

Kadalai Guy :" Idiots, am from Final Year Information Technology! Come outside you morons, ll call my pals to show you the treatment"With this he came close, with only exception not holding my shirt collar

Now I recall the images of this guy in Final Year Hostel in the mess with his dhoti and Food Plate! Damn! We all stared at each other blinking and Hari Venki froze in fear the most.

Now Bharath has immense Presence of Mind, he said : " What? we are from PSG college of Engineering, we came here to review all the projects, is this how you guys explain? Lead me to your HOD or Princie"

Kadalai Guy : ( Brief thought) " Ok am busy, of you go" , with this he escaped the scene...

Phew ..big sigh and a great escape, after that we saw him quite often and thankfully either his memory was bleak or he didn't want to show his embarrassment, so he didn't quite bully us.

Friday, November 13, 2009

yOu CaN dO iT !!!

Chandru looked at his hands and realised his old age has caught up well on him . His feeble hands would not allow him do any rusty work . He was trying to plant some sunflower seeds for his grandson who loves them, but stays quite far away in a Foreign land. He did not quite get help from his Son Raghu, who thinks the old man is nothing but a burden. His grandson(Rahul) was returning back in a couple of months and they write between them regularly .Rahul loves his grandfather very much and regrets his Dad for showing disrespect to the old man.

Chandru wrote to his grandson " Dear Rahul Betta, In spite of me trying so hard, am not able to plant the sunflower seeds, which I thought will be so much of a colourful greeting for you. Am not able to dig with my old hands and am very sorry that I am not able to greet you in a colourful way when you arrive. please take care" and he gave the letter to Raghu to get it sent across.

Rahul wrote back " Dear Grandpa, Please do not dig the Garden until I am back, that's where I have hidden something Valuable for you "

Two days later Raghu and his elder son started digging the garden frantically to Chandru's bewilderment. Finally without a word they gave up and left.

Puzzled Chandru wrote back telling Rahul what happened and what to do next.
Reply from Rahul" Go ahead and plant the seeds now.Its the best I could have done for you :) "

No matter where you are in this world, if you decide to do something and deep from within, You can Do it. Belief and thought matters, not where you are nor who the person is!

Happy Weekend everyone...I read a little similar kind of story somewhere and well wrote it with my inspiration :) ! Again sorry and please bear with me if am late in commenting to your posts, lil busy I am ( betcha none would believe that ...:( all the funny impression I created) !

And yes, am waiting for my 100th Follower :) !

Friday, November 6, 2009

sHe FiGhTs - 55 FiCtIoN - 2

Hello all, A big Sorry for not being around your blogs lately as it seems even I need to work someday and that daunting day has turned up :( , so ll be back with my blunt jokes and blogs, of course mokai comments meanwhile wrote my second attempt on 55 fiction, not sure if this was the way 55Fiction queen Shruti wud be impressed with (Shruti are yu reading this? )..anyways here it goes.

Oh and thanks for all the suggestions on Halloween costume, as my friend suggested I already looked like a Halloween geek , but anyways dressed up like Jack Sparrow, but in the end it looked like Crap Sparrow!

Note : 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 55 words.

"She Knew she was strong, she had to fight ,her mouth being her biggest weapon!

As the guy in white came with the deadly sharp monster, she braced and clenched her hands.

She opened her mouth and got ready, suddenly he stuck the sharpness inside her mouth, then he removed her decayed tooth."

Happy Weekend fellas!

Friday, October 30, 2009

OnE BaD DaY - 55 Fiction #1

Have been trotting around so many 55 Fictions lately and so I thought ll write one, so if this post is kinda freaky , please laugh or tickle yourself when you read ,so someone around can think mine is a funny post :-) !. Now this is my first attempt.Not quite if i hit a sixer or a hit wicket.

Note : 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 55 words.

"I love her madly"
"Then, tell her before its late"
" Am afraid what shez gonna say"
"Now or never dude"
"Hmmmm OK"

" Anita, I err....Ahem....."
"Hey Rahul....wassup"
" Today is special...! Was thinking about you so much"
" I know Anna(bro) , me me yur hand, Happy Raksha Bandan"
"Gulp! (Wrong day)"

Thanks to Shruti,Neha,Mahesh,Venky and many more. Do let me know how it was! :D

Tomorrow is Halloween and we all are planning to dress up some thing weird enuf and am planning to do a Joker as in Dark Knight, but cynical stuff would not suit me and my friend said I need not dress up and am already looking like Halloween prone geek! What shud i dress up like? hmmm Maybe T Rajendar.

Pretty tough but worth a try I think. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

BoSsY TaLe

My Boss and I share an eternal bond and am sure most of you love their bosses. If there is sarcasm in my words , then its in the mind of the readers and I always go by my disclaimer notice above.Following is a fictional true conversation between Boss and HaRy.Gone are the days when idle time used to overtake my busy schedule and am back to busy bee, so I can roam around my cubicle 100 times to show am quite busy.Am having sort of the mokai Block,so please spare me fellas.

Boss : Hey Hary... busy day?

Hary : Yep sir, lotsa work yu see..

Boss : Weird! I don't remember sending out any task mails to yu?

Hary : Yu didn't? i have an email from yu ( checks and finds out, it was last week's). ... Oh OK OK!!

Boss : Apparently it means Yu still haven't completed last week's work.

Hary : Ahem! actually, this and that came across to make my mind, think of that... so that...

Boss : Where are yu up to? never in your seat!

Hary : In the cafeteria..

Boss : (Bewildered) What??

Hary : Whats the mission of our company sir?

Boss : Mutual Productivity earned through trust and hard work.

Hary : What?? No way, I have read it in the notice board, it says " Bring your appetite here, Love the slow food"

Boss : S**T , that's the Cafeteria's mission... its an advertisement written below. Well done..!!!!

Hary : Thank you (gulp)

Boss : Hmmm... what do you think of the term "Bench" ?

Hary : Two things 1. Its cruelty , 2. They are old fashioned and only cushion chairs should be used.

Boss : Remarkable stupid creativity you have.... Why are yu late to office everyday?

Hary : Pass

Boss : This ain't any Quiz competition... Cant you learn from Rahul?

Hary : I thought yu asked me to learn from Sachin? No? Rahul is in different dept

Boss : Noooo you are hopeless, I mean learn being punctual, discipline, hard work..

Hary : That eh! oh I learn from you.

Boss : I need to check the HR interview panel , they should be weirdos to recruit people like you.

Hary : Your Wife was the Lead there.

Boss : Gulp!

Following is the picture my friend sent me with caption as " If your boss asks you to work on weekends" ( Click to see a larger image of the Picture, Goyale in Tamil means...i think waste fellow)

How abt yu guys? funny experiences with yur boss? Do share em' ,

Friday, October 16, 2009

LuCkY tO CeLeBrAtE DiWaLi?

***I some how managed to write a story without humor in it, i know i am a Novice in story telling..Please let me know your views*************

Eyes Wide open Little Abu watched out through the window, beautiful sky scrapers around the city seem to lit up the sky with the spectacular fireworks. It was already Diwali eve and he still was waiting for his parents ,who did not return from work. He peeped out through the window again which showed the never ending slum street with the below poverty line people.

Under the dim street lights, Raju sat picking all the left over fireworks out of 1000 walas and burst out crackers. The old lady in Raju's neighbourhood kept yapping about loud sound and playfully Raju and his sister kept all the bijili cracker around her, all around the small kids kept fighting for some rocket's and chakra's.

After some time came Raju's dad on his usual Atlas Cycle with two big covers. Raju and his sister grabbed the cover in haste to see what their Dad has got for them. Abu was surprised to see some of the clothes belonged to him and his DAD had given away as it was quite old, and same with Raju's sister as well. But Raju's joys knew no bounds as he started wearing them right away and jumped in joy!

As time passed by they started to light the crackers and only 2 out of 10 flamed up as most of them were used and thrown away one's. Then came Raju's mom with some home made sweets hardly handful, yet she started giving to Raju, his sister and some to the kids nearby. Four of them hugged each other in Joy exclaiming "Shub Diwali" with so much joy and sincerity in their tone.

Tring!! Lil Abu rushed to the door leaping in joy thinking his parents in mind , only to find his maid. She informed Abu that her parents were not able to make it because of work they had and wished him Happy Diwali through their maid!! Again Abu went over to the Window...only with tears in his eyes. That was all he cud have done !

Life is about kutti kutti ( small small ) happyness , we earn,study,work, eat only for these! The Idiot box and work has taken our life virtually and there is indeed no time for our people.
Happy Diwali everyone... spend some time to wish your family and friends!

Friday, October 9, 2009

bLuNt SuPeRsTiTiOn'S

This post as my disclaimer goes, is basically aimed at complete warp humor and not to target any one's personal belief!

1. The Black Cat crossing the Road is considered a Bad Omen when you start somewhere - Oh yeah poor one with nine lives, I can send a Black cat everyday to trot in front of my Boss's house:)

2. Do not sneeze or cough or exclamation when someone leaves for a journey - Last time I had to sneeze and controlled so hard, otherwise my uncle's US trip wud have been cancelled bcos i sneezed? Or wat :)

3. Do not cut your hair or Shave on Tuesdays/Fridays - Now what ll happen if I have an interview on a Friday/Tuesday? I dread that!

4. Do not sneeze odd no.of times when some one is going out - Hmmm, can throw some pepper on the squeezer's(there is such a word rite?) nose, so he can sneeze again.But if he sneezes twice to make it ODD, then God help.

5. Going Beneath a Ladder is not a good Omen - So push the ladder, even if someone is on the top painting something, throw him your day will be bliss.Not sure abt him.

6. Eating curd before Exams bring good luck - Now am a topper as well ( now its up to yu guys to believe it) , used to score 100% in all the subjects( My alter ego is abusing me) , but then i never have touched curd my entire is that? (agree there is scientific fact for coooling..but how does it work for me :-) .he he

7. T.Rajendar enters politics - Now that's the best superstition or comedy piece...and am not sure why i put this here.

8. If your head bumps with another person a black dog might bite yu later / Horns might grow on your head, so bump again with the same person - My Friend who saw this in the Genelia movie, thought he can bump into a number of gals and take this excuse to bump again, but ended up bummed in his nose.

9. Hiccups indicate someone is thinking of you - So its better you go and see the person who is thinking of you rather than drink water.

10. Opening an Umbrella indoors bring bad luck - So most of the cine actress's life is ruined and have only bad luck.

11. This is the worst one - Girl forced to marry a DOG

Well most of them are harmless, such as senti - watches, dress, jewels, pen, soo many.... but the one's that can be the turning point in one's life..God save them!

Guess each of you have your own experiences...:D share them guys!

Friday, October 2, 2009

mY aMigOs

Time for some real life cartoonists...let me introduce some of my cartoon friends, who always have shot to glory because of their tongue. All the mentioned below are a part of AdyarGuyz , please check the link for more details

Maadu(Cow) - Hari Venky

The name implies everything. He is the Backbone of our class room and has a rare character to withstand anything including large number of insults that he faces in daily life. He is a sapaduholic(foodholic) and munches up everything that comes across him. He has a very rare physique , and incredibly his brain is very small and has much of it covered with food and the rest with a lot of affection for friends ;-) .

He is very gooood in cricket and so gooood that he only umpires during the matches (actually we don't allow him to play, because if he gets out he does not give the bat back) so we always put him as the umpire by praising him saying that " mache, you only can solve any issues when both teams fight during a match, so please as yu are the best" and as i said he has less brain he agrees immediately. He was sooo excited and the first ball was bowled by Sai . But it was just a sec after the ball was released from his hand and wud not even have reached the batsman by which Mr.Venky had declared Six. check the Pic. so much for gooood umpiring ;-(

All these cartoons apart, he is such a caring person and wud risk anything for friends. He can laugh without even a joke . He does have another name as "Baby", because of his so much of innocence and baby like character.

Poriyal(Curry) - Cyril Benedict

He is one of my very close friend indeed , and has humour integrated within.... he is very good at Quantitative Analysis (yes he mugged all the answers from R S Agarwal book), so during the final year of college he managed to somehow clear the first round only to keep wondering why they asked different questions during the HR interview, mugging for HR interview did not help yu see! :-) . He calls himself as the College Captain for the Hockey team . Well also he became the first in history of our college to score Self goal for the sake of opposite team and sprint in celebration until someone pointed him that sides do change after half time!

Otherwise he is such a God Fearing and a lovely person! So honest and sincere that i admire the most in him.

Forgive me for the terrible piece of artwork, but am bad in MS Paint :(

Paavada(gown) - Sundaram

Well he was the man!! and he always will be!!This guy can hardly speak a line correctly Of our good for nothing gang, he is the only worth for something.. he always is surrounded by gals, of course sisters as yu think. He has amazing vocabulary skills that's what am going blah about

Incident#1 : Sundaram has very good abbreviation knowledge and he is the best among words! One day we were talking about frequent power cuts, when putting up UPS came into discussion, and beloved Paavadai came in and said "Macha , nama veetla current ila nama yen UNEXPECTED POWER SUPPLY use pana kodathu" meaning " Macha, when there is no current in our home, y not we use UNEXPECTED POWER SUPPLY", Apparently he didn't understand the abbreviation maybe for UPS!! LOL

Incident#2 : Another day and we were planning for a tour to Andaman & Nicobar, We were so excited by the sudden idea and were discussing how to apply for leave and dates , hotel and other stuff (Mr. Sundaram has not arrived, that's y the smooth dialogue) . Sundar entered the scene all of a sudden and we briefed him this idea and also about the dates and we went on & on until he stopped us saying, " Macha, Andamanuku passport eppo panalam ...?"( when do we apply passport for Andaman..?). Wat a moment it was!. First of all he did not realise that Andaman is a part of our country and then second even if it wasn't( he he) it was VISA that we should have applied and not Passport....hayo hayo... We sent out a mail to our College group , to spread the fame of Sundar's passport comedy!!

Ironically, he has applied VISA thrice for US L1 & L1B visa and has been rejected all times...!! maybe he needs to apply for Passport rather than Visa ;-) LOL , all otherwise he is a gooooood chap and first time in our college history received an award for Helping tendency! Award which was especially designed for his incredible helping nature!

There are many more of my good 'ol pals especially GOKUL , will keep posting their flip side :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

7 yEaR oLd'S DiArY

Prenote to all readers : Please read my disclaimer as always :) ! and please forgive the grammar, its a 7 year oldz musing anyways :)!

Dear diary, today I start to write Diary , writing what i did from morning as my uncle hary troubled( no other word found) to write like this daily.Morning, I think bathing is a mistake invention, because everytime Hary uncle goes inside bathroom he is screaming ( he asks me put it as singing) , so I think it will create pain. Then I put some white cream and powder without my sister finding, as after putting this she becomes white and another colour. Mummy first asked me "kanna pls eat", if I don't she makes me afraid by telling " Seri, wait I will call Hary uncle to tell a joke" , so I think Mummy food is better.. We run to my auto and I sit in front along with auto mama and press the honk in signal and police mama shouts at Auto mama.

Today in assembly, Rahul made the Durrrr noise from his back and I laughed showing finger at him, so my class Miss Rekha beat me on my back and made me kneel down in front of all. First period is English and I tried same what uncle Hary did ( Link ),but got beatings again because miss asked me to say bike and I said car. I like history miss because ,everyday Hary Uncle gives me a letter to give to History miss and she gives me a letter to give to Hary Uncle, today different History miss came and she is old and not nice . As Hary uncle usually says" Give this office letter to History miss" , I gave this also to the new History miss. After reading the letter she told me to bring Hary uncle tomorrow. Hope he has a nice time.

I asked my class miss how to eat Orange and she told me how, I went near her and squeezed the Orange and water fell on her eyes, she shouted and gave me beating for putting water.During games period We played catch-ball, as Hary uncle given me practice in this, I catch well and throw well, but my friend Rahul was good too.So I picked and threw a ball full fast at my friend but it fell on his head and he cried. It was a stone ,I did not know promise. My friend Karthik asked me why is Chris so Fat, and I replied because he had swallowed a Ballon and told Karthik to pinch with a safety Pin to burst the balloon. So Karthik did that and I got beatings.

After full day beatings , I went home in auto and it was raining and so many rainwater around. As Hary uncle , Mom,Dad and Sis came to get me from Auto I jumped out in a laugh. on a puddle of water, it spread on all of them and Hary uncle white shirt became brown, and my sister makeup cleared. Again beatings. In home I told Hary uncle to sing happy song, so he screamed and opened his hand which fell on my mummy who was bringing milks, glass and the milk fell down on his head.Again beatings, but to Hary uncle.

I asked Daddy " Are you afraid of Mom" , he angrily said " No! am not" , so I asked him " Then why did you throw of the lunch in the bin without telling mom and saying shhhhh" , Mummy was behind me and Daddy started sweating. Again shoutings to my Daddy and beatings to me from Daddy. Last sister came to tell story to make me sleep, afraid of her mokai story I told I am sleepy.

So this is my day. I think I can put name as Beating Diary.

Friday, September 18, 2009

jObLeSs SuRvEy

Hmm so many of you would have come across baseless surveys which could take up your precious idle time :) , so we a team of workaholics( if yu'd believe this then pls read on lol ) started out with the task of surveying a bunch of people . The Survey is about - @ Work, when there is no work, how to kill time.. We got some real variety of answers

Mr.J - Drink large glasses of water and juice, so that you can spend most of the time walking in a hurried pace to the LOO, so that people think you are busy running.

Mr.O - Oh, i keep calling offshore from onsite, as the number does not get displayed and yu can hear people screaming back much fun.

Mr.B - Well i start a mail chain with so many colleagues, example as " Hey Ravi why did you tell Prakash that Kumar is so dumb at work and a real coward" , so in that case Prakash
and Ravi will be the STAR of attraction and by the time they question you, we have OUT OF OFFICE to our rescue :)!

Mr.L - "Oh yes. the Loo... switch of the lights above and sleep there".....ewwwww is what i said.

Mr.E - Well, there are specific rooms for meeting, concall, server, many more and each of them has a backdoor leading to somewhere, so hurry up there and enter front door along with jobless colleagues, sit and gossip and leave out thru the back door! - Brilliant! :)

Mr.S - "If there is some cute gal next to your den, then try to jam or pull a chord or wire or dismantle some of her phone and network connections, so that you can get to her rescue" - as he said this aloud the cute gal opposite to him gave a dirty glare...I left the place - AMEN :)!

Mr.S - Oh the Stairs are the best place to kill, walk up and down and burn a few calories...and yu get to see some staircase romance if you are lucky ! Gulp!

Mr.M - Check out if any of your colleagues have left with PC unlocked, if so then run along and add everyone you know in BCC and send a mail stating his resignation from the company - now i know why my manager was fuming the other day.

Mr.E - Am the team lead, so all I do is call for a meeting of all my sub ordinates and tell them they have made a heck of the job and ask for updates, if they don't have any thing to report, I start appraisal discussion. Its so much fun when they talk seriously - I went Red!

Mr.N - Make a big crap noise from your co-worker's cubicle and when everyone turns around to see , point fingers at him and ask " Dude, what yu upto? "

Mr.O - Well, go around and make lip movements to your co-worker and when he yells back in frustration” What" , then tell him " Mate, Yu ought to check your ears" - now that’s Grrrrrr

Mr.W - Order Pizza and give your colleagues contact number and info :)! - Swell :)!

Or one of my co-workers even sent me a cartoon on how to organise your desk... this one!

Now its me.... Plenty of options...just as me, there are many funny and adorable people out there who post blogs in the name of comedy (sry my frnds lol ) , so check their blogs...they are

Archana , Meow , Chriz, Niranjana , Manju ,Shruti , Venky , Benny , ZB , Swati ,Bindu ,
A S, Ekta ,Vishnu , Blunt Edges ,Srivatsan., Neha, Rohini , Guria,Sa_t_ish,R S V .. and the list cud go on if you check my followers and i suggest yu guys read these blogs to kill time as they are the best entertainers in the town..... :)

Now pls no false impressions that am jobless..! just my Time Off in Lieu :)!

Friday, September 11, 2009

PoLiCe StOrY...

Sunday morning and as usual we had booked a ticket in Sathyam Cinemas so Gokul and me were off for it. We started for the movie Veerasamy, but unfortunately T Rajendar movies had so much graphics and was taken in iMax cameras and 3D that Sathyam's theatre was not compatible and was not put up there. So we had to console ourself with another tormentor in Tamil cinema - Ilaya Mokaipathy Vijay. As Mr.Gokul had crashed my heavy duty bike to a lamp post previous night ( thinking it was a beautiful damsel and trying to impress her) , We had to steal my friend Cyril's bike key whilst he was snoring.

As we set out on the busy Mount Road , we both were excellent bikers and so just to prove to Gokul am better of him i went racing thru all the bends GP style until i realised i had zoomed past the red light, and did'nt realise chennai cops were so quick to react...a mama (cop) who was having his coconut in the shade jumped onto the road spreading his hands and started jumping left and right( it was so much of a funny sight) to stop us. So I had to pull over and immediately he took the keys. Following is the conversation...

Cop : Did you see the signal?

Me : Yes anna(bro)...(shit i shud hav called him mama at least)

Cop : Anna? are yu mad? why did yu ride past the signal?

Me : Sorry, Sir... ( i got sweaty) As i am suffering from fever, please could you....

Cop : Stupid! Am i your class teacher? Padichavan thane nee?( Are'nt you guys educated? )

Gokul : Sir, yes we got the Driving License education and only then got the license. ( apparently intelligent Gokul thought if the cop's asking abt the License exam)

Cop and Me stare at Gokul...

Cop : Idiot, am asking if you are literate enough to study the traffic signs!! Anyways do you have the papers?

We both in chorus(pointing each other) : He has ! and then we look dumbfounded as we forgot to get it from Cyril..

Cop : Well now that adds up the crime, pay up and leave..( in his hand he shows 2..meaning 200 bucks)

Gokul : Sir, i have seen the rules in the internet, we have to pay up a fine of only 400 for this innocent offence.

Cop : So , yu guys know the rules eh? fine then pay up 1000rs and then as today is Sunday no mobile court, collect your vehicle tomorrow..thats for talking rules to me!

Me to Gokul : " Great you Moron...see what you have done now..." , After much pleading, the cop would'nt agree and we had to pay the fine...which we did not have so we called up the bike owner Cyril to come over.... he obviously was fuming and came in another bike and brilliantly without a helmet.. Now as we gave the money to the Cop

Cop to Cyril : Well, Well..where is your helmet..?

We all stare at each other....

Cop : Pay up all the fine and leave before i dig out your criminal records...

We had to pay up finally 1500rs of fine as we sped the signal, no papers and no helmet!!! Lousy day indeed!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

tOoTh fAiRy

I remember the day when I was off to the dentist to get my tooth pulled out....waz bcos hav been eating too many chocolates lately and a deep cavity quickly developed. So it appeared my tooth cannot be rescued.

Well, I was very surprised to see two lovely ladies in the clinic, which is usually run by an old doc, apparently they were getting knowledge transfer it seems, lucky for me! So the clinic being very professional, I had to register to the beautiful receptionist gal sat in the front, by giving her the details of my tooth problem. so as usual I started to blah blah with her... and she matched my frequency very much I guess, so after some time of rubbish talk, I sat, awaiting to be called upon. There was an Old woman as well nearby who was trying to register amidst our talk, not sure if she did in the end.

I was thanking my lucky stars when I came to know that even the dentist who had to work on me was a gal as well, she was equally pretty and very much co-operative :) and we started the kadalai ( blah blah between a gal and a boy in tamil) ! .

So the pre-tooth plucking activity was quite simple and i had soooo much time to get to know her and came to know she was from the neighbourhood. I started dreaming ...and I think even she was very much attracted to me as she was leaning over me with much interest and appeared to be fascinated (ever since this
click here event i have started brushing thrice a day :) ).

She beamed at my mouth with her eyes and I thought she saw the entire universe in my mouth like Lord Krishna when he opened his mouth to his mom.I noticed that the old woman was in the same room with another Dentist.

As she started to clean my teeth, i had a loud ARGHHHHHHH nearby, apparently i figured the old woman had a hostile nurse, But then she started yelling " My..pheeeet...O MY Pheeeet" , Me and my dentist both started looking at her feet, thinking if something fell on her, and yeah she awfully has a small feet...5? we both nodded understandingly(is there a word as such?) .

She started to shout at the top of her voice "aw ..eww...owww" , i thought she left two more vowels :)! The she moaned that she had come for cleaning her teeth!! There was complete staring for a min, then we all realised what happened!

The Head Dentist came in and started yelling at receptionist gal and both these newbiez .The old woman was cursing to lose her only left behind tooth(which was with cavity any way) I just sat quietly.

Finally all tensions ceased, i got my tooth pulled out and went over to the receptionist gal to err.. ahem! ahem :) ! But i got the dirtiest glare ever! Wonder wat she meant by that.
P.S: - Please always read the disclaimer of MY blog... :)

Friday, August 28, 2009


Final year placement in college is always an important phase of every one's life and as always there used to be 3 standard rounds 1. Written test, 2. Group Discussion and 3. Interview.

It was just another Off campus Placement for the company Polaris and I somehow after mugging up all the question paper Dumps, dumped them and cleared the first round. The second being the Group Discussion which I fancied I was very good at, bcos of my usual blah blah blah stuff .There were 7 of them around and each one looked to pounce on the topic, as we were given the impression that whoever initiates the discussion,are bound to get credit points .

Then came the moderator and announced the topic . The topic was - "Stupid" , I like all around me got totally bewildered...and none started the discussion. When one guy who looked more relevant with the topic (he was the only one clad in t shirt and jean with a half beard) after a big Phew he started -

" Well, it just another day when Sachin was totally useful with his forehand and Bill gates roared with laughter at Steve Jobs Monopoly,down came the chicken which crossed the road getting hit by an unarmed terrorist, Rajnikant and his bus conductor attitude giving Spielberg a run for his money. Also not to forget the ever homely acting of Paris Hilton in our Bollywood movies, Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha's new Party takes India by storm and...blah blah blah he went for more than 2 full minutes" finally he stopped to all our gaping mouth astonishment.

I was thinking, what the hell? has he gone mad???. Then he said " Well, now that's what I call it as stupidity and guess i make one of them! " Holy Cow!! he made us sit like morons in the end! Obviously he was selected for the next round, that's Presence of Mind for yu.

But P.S : I came to know that he was put up in the bench for last one year :) ..that's one a different note!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

cRiCkEt DiArIeS

Am a big cricket freak and as other every Indian, cricket is my religion. Its evident that its in my blood because my Dad is a very good batsman and has used the cricket bat many a time ..err to spank my bum and Mom should have been a good bowler as she throws stuff at me with damn good accuracy.

Also i belong to the famous Adyar Guyz team and so have quite an experience on the Indian turf. I always used to be the man of the match on all occasions, (BOOK CRICKET!!) because i have a specially designed book which does not have "0" in it.(Book Cricket is a game where you score runs by flipping pages and counting the single digits on the left hand pages) . So Its cricket in any form and i have mastered the BOOKCRICKET art.

It was the Cricket season in England and i thought why not do some county cricket and become a Kevin Pietersen :P , so i approached the local county team"Highfield" to grab a place for this season. I was not aware till i reached there that you don't have "One Pitch catches" and " LBW is out" and " it was a Cork ball" as all my heroics back home have been with plastic and tennis balls.

Anyways with much courage and gentlemanship of English cricket i entered the nets. They always had a try out session for new comers and as there were two teams(A and B) and each team had one spot open, i was delighted that either way i would end up in any 1 team.

So i padded up and went out like my DADA ( am a crazy fan of Sourav yu see) , after all overactions there was a guy who looked similar to Darren Gough who came blasting into bowl ......ZOOM and i thought he has not bowled yet, but the bang sound behind me made me realise that my middle stump was in shatters !

Captains of the both the teams came running to me, i thought "End of a marvellous cricketting career" , but suprisingly both of them were fighting to put me in their own team. Bewildered i asked them "What the ...?" for which one of the captains replied

" Mate , We both have 10 damn good players and we were lookin out for one dumb don't wanna miss one like yu" - Now i realised i have let down Adyar Guyz, a shame to my cricket! But nevertheless i got the spot, so does it matter really..I now play for Highfield and Skandia ( don't ask me what i play) !

Friday, August 14, 2009

LoNdOn BaBy ....!!

LoNdOn is the best place i have ever beautiful and spellbound maintainence! So, i thought i'll just share some of the best places i have been and might help you guys when visiting this tourist paradise.
I have categorised based on the my priority of the events attraction @ the Underground stations to make life lot more easier.

------Westminster @ Westminster-------- This tops the list :) An awesome place with pan
oramic view of the London eye & the Parliament . Don't miss the night ferry ride from Westminister pier around!! No matter 'n' no of times i go to this place and yet do not get bored!! My fav place all over the world.
1. Madam Tussads @ Baker street - Awesome place with all Wax dupe :) , i got to take fotos with Lopez,Lara & myfav Beatles!

2. London Dungeon @ London Bridge - Scary !!(beautiful girls dressed as witches, ghosts and haunty thats not scary is it?)

3. London Eye @ Waterloo - If at all yu were to visit London

during December, do not missthe mind blowing spectacular fire works on Dec31 midnight. The best spot to view this Extravaganza is beneath the Big Ben...and thats where i was :) !

4. Tower of London @ Tower bridge or near to London Bridge (Good but big) - The fortress of Ol' London still hangs around , find all the weaponery dating back to BC era.

5. Greenwich @ Cutty arc (i) National Martime museum (ii) Greenwich Park (iii)Cutty Arc (I think anytime)
All three places are near Greenwich only - Get to see the GMT :) , Splendid place and most importantly free entry!

6. Lords @ St.john or Baker street. - To all cricket crazy amigos, a must see place! Boy i was lucky to see India vs England t20 match live :)

7. Science museum @ South Kennigton (Very good) - Although it might bore for some of us! not me, my frnd he he!

8. Canary Wharf @ Canary Wharf (This you can go any time as its just the skyscrapers for photograph, but only during the daytime).

9. Trafagal square ( Anytime) - Remember the opening scene from DDLJ , yes thats exactly the place . So crowdy place yu hardly have a minute to take a photo..i did somehow climb the Lions!

10. Buckingham Palace @ Victoria ( Anytime) - Summer time there is a special entry to Staterooms, do not miss this!! Check out the way British have led their Royal life! Plus @11:30 have this spectacular guard changing.

11. Leicester square & Piccadily Circus @ Leicester square (night life) - For all Party Animals, this is the place yu wanna b..v once came out of a pub @ 3:30 am and it was still busy and crowded as it was at 21:00!

13. London Bridge & Tower Bridge @ London Bridge( Anytime) - I had tears when i saw London & Tower bridge... Dream come true i suppose!

14. Thames walk from London Bridge to Tower Bridge ( Anytime - very good..and boy its romantic!)

15. Oxford Street @ Oxford Street (Anytime - shopping for all items)

16. Tottenham Court road @ Tottenham Court ( Anytime - Electronics items)

17. British Museum @ Tottenham Court Road ( Ok but biggggg...brush up yur history)

18. East Ham Temples and food @ East Ham ( Delicious Southindian food - Anytime).

19. Imax 3D movies @ Waterloo ( The Screen OMG size of a couple of Double decker buses together!)

20. London Zoo ( If nothin else is open)

21. London Aquarium @ Waterloo ( If nothing else is open)

22. Carboot sale - Hounslow @Hounslow (Electronic,Misc... items at dead cheap price on Sundays)

The London Tube - It totally blows yu out!! Marvel the construction of the Underground stations and the trains....nothing can be more precise and fascinating. Connects all over London, so try using both the Tube and Buses equally to have a glimpse of both.
Also don’t forget to take as much as 2 FOR 1 tickets at the railway station and keep all your Train Tickets to London with you all the time to avail these offers.
---------Happy LondoNING----- !

Friday, August 7, 2009

bEWaRe Of KiDz

Kids indeed are real dangerous personalities and they have the special gift of performing an act and finallyput up a face which would show nothing apart from innocence.

I remember a particular incident once during my school days we had this neighbour who had three kids and the eldest being a cute girl - a year younger than me, and then the other does'nt matter as he is a boy and then a kid of 4 year old(names have not disclosed to protect the blogger from getting bummed). I used to run upto their house whenever my mom sends me on an errand to help my mom and socialize with the neighbours...(yeah the if i had to mention and blow my trumphet !),

Once during an early Sunday as usual mom sent me to give a box , i grabbed it up gleefully and had run to the neighbour's before she wud ask my bro to do it . To my joy, i was greeted by the chweet gal and the 4 year ol' kid. Just to show my everlasting love for kids (and to impress her obviously) i took up the kid in my arms and cuddled him, only to have forgotten that i have not even brushed my teeth yet !!

The kid totally annoyed, just pulled the strings of my pyjamas and off it fell ! The gal just stared at me red and blushed! , not knowing wat to do i dropped the kid down and pulled back the pyjamas. Now it seems that the drop totally hurt the kid :( , and he started yelling at the top of his voice. I sheepishly gave the box to the giggling gal (shame on her for not checking what happened to her kid bro) and ran back. Don't wanna tell what happened between me and the lil gal...

What do you think is the moral of the story... so its a story and please refrain from any imagination :) !

Friday, July 31, 2009

eNgLiSh cLaSs

----To all those who have already read it..sorry about that, i deleted this by mistake and thought I'd post this again :), so please bear this! As for those who have not read it..please Kaa Kaa it away :) ----------

Was another day in my primary school class and i was'nt throwing any tantrum and only scribbling and drawing in my benchmate's fairnote. Then came my English mam, we called her as Paru...because her nose was as big like a parrot nose. As usual she started her classes right away and the class today was pronouncing silent Alphabets. She started of lecturing about how and where the 'r' is used , and not to stress on the word.

I was too bored with the class if i was interested any time. The first word she tried to teach us was CAR... she asked me to stand up and pronounce it..i said " CARRRR", Teacher :" nooooo, its almost like CAAr, with less 'r' in it, its silent!", She instructed me to pronounce it 10 times and also instructed the whole class to go along with me once i repeated correctly. Too angry with the insult and i said " CAA , CAA , CAA " eventually turning to a " KA KA KA KA KA ", The whole class started yelling at the top of their voice as " KA KA KA KA" and without synchronization... it was almost like a swarm of crows and our teacher started shouting to STOP STOP.....but in vain...then seems to be that the next classrooms had taken this up as well.

And slowly the whole block started yelling and passerby crows joined the song as well ,there was no stopping it until our brilliant Headmaster rang the school bell and the "Kaa'ing" stopped and everyone ran out 45 mins before end of school. Of course except me.

It seems my Headmaster always had a constant disliking for my Bum and he beat me Black n Blue .When they asked why did i shout , i pointed at my English mam and said " Paru only asked me to say CAA" , everyone looked bewildered and realized in a split second who and why it was Paru... she went RED!!! and totally embarrassed For some nutty reason i found it funny and giggled. That was it! my parents were summoned and i went on a trial, finally the Defence Attorney had to persuade them to put me in adifferent class and not banish.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Finally someone wants me to blah blah a big thanks to Ekta :) ! This whole tagging thing occured weird to me earlier but now i see how you can get to know yur blog mates as well.So i'll just keep it smaller to make it more readable and not borable(do we have those two words in dictionary at all)

Four places you have lived
1. Salem-TN - This is where i was born, grew up studying and learnt being naughty, and whatsover so called maturity. Given an oppurtunity with a decent pay i'd definitely go back to this small town.
2. Bangalore

3. Chennai -
I simply adore this place! I could keep boasting endlessly and still not get tired. However to bore yu all less, i'll just cut short the best outta here. 1. Beach - Nothing is serene and beautiful as beach could beYu wanna enjoy, then play ball there, yu want some loneliness, sit near the waves, I just love the beach crazily :)! 2. Rajnikanth - My Thala, am a crazy lunatic fan of Superstar and where else other thanchennai can be the best place 3. Adyar Guyz , click the link and yu'll know why.

4. Southampton, UK - A year and still Southampton is my home. Beautiful and a quiet place where i learnt how to enjoy the loneliness. Have a couple of gud friends like Stuart Little , and many more. Can never forget the New year eve near London eye, where the spectacular display of fireworks kept 8 lakh people along with me gaping :)! Southampton indeed is my second home.

Four TV shows you love to watch
1. Prison Break - A Plot that you can never forget and so intense that you have to wait for the next episode at the edge of yur seat. Until prison break was over i had the Michael Scofield fever running high! A must watchfor all plot kinda watchers.

2. Friends - Can watch this over and over and over and yet not get tired of this American Sitcom. How can some one possibly forget Joey's " How yu doin....", and everlasting Chandler's nut jokes and High Maintainence Monica...and Gross Ross, funny Phoebe and beautiful Rachel :) .The best in the lot!

3. Lost - Totally Lost in this series.. very deep and highly imaginative series which leaves a very definitive impact on everyone who watches this. Many a time i have tried to do a Sarcastic Sawyer :) ending up to be like Hurley.

4. Lollu Sabha in Vijay TV - Yu name any brilliant movie in Tamil and they have the spoof made so ridiculously funny:). This show is extremely funny and can make you beg not to swap the channel. Its one TV show which the Kollywood cine starsdread watching it!

Four places you have been on vacation
1. Paris - Oh dear Sweet Lord :), please give me an another oppurtunity to visit the romantic paris! Spell bound, mind boggling..Awesome!! I cried and almost fainted when i first saw the Eiffel Tower and Monalisa .

2.. All temples in Tamil Nadu - :) Ok a generic sentence, just to pull my mom's leg! She has taken me n my bro to most of the famous temples around Tamil nadu althought our Area of Interest was something else.

3. Tirupathi & Kodaikanal - My Dad takes us to Tirupathi every year and its like a Vacation & a worship combo offer. Kodaikanal is a soooper appu place, can never forget the Coalker's walk there!

4. New Forest, UK - Director Shankar should see this scenic Marvel...watta place yaar!

Four of your favorite foods
1. Chocolate - Anything that has chocolate...i'd melt at its sight!

2. Pastas & Couscous - I didnt know these stuff until i came to UK and boy are they a delight and yummy to eat!

3. Egg Kothu parotta - For those who are into Street food in TN, they will know these...boy o boy!! they are super spicy and lip smacking!

4. Rava Masal Dosa & Onion pakoda - Nothing can beat the taste of masala in Rava:) and yum yum pakoda

Four places you would rather be
Would love to settle down in London, also Salem, Texas US and Chennai finally:)
Four movies you can see over and over again
1. Baasha(Tamil) - Superstar is unbeatable in this movie.. can watch it 100 times and start over again!
2. Spielberg is a genius and his Back to the future Trilogy always fascinates me :)
3. Sweet November - Keanu reeves was excellent and a sad ending Romantic story :(.
4. Pursuit of happyness - Touching and Boy my fav Will Smith!

Four things u hope to do before you die
1. Eat Swiss chocolates on the top of Swiss Alps with my best friend :)
2. Talk and the whole world should listen my speech! not a joke ...
3. Roam the world...!
4. Have my loved ones near me when i die.

Tag four people who will respond
Jyoti - My gud blog friend
Cute Cadre - funny chennaite :)
Gayathri - An Awesome blogger !
Sowmi - has a gift for writing..

The tag Rules: 1. Link the person who tagged you. 2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post. 3. Post this in one or all of your blogs. 4. Answer the four questions following these Rules. 5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them. 6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List. 7. Have Fun! Questions & Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: Ekta
2. Her site's title and
3. Date when you were tagged: 17th July 2009
4. Persons you tagged: Given above- Jyoti , Cute Cadre, Gayathri, Sowmi

Thanks for yur patience to any1 who is reading this sense full of nonsense :)..i'd luv to tag many Ayus,Sai, Ekta again :) , but its a 4 tag and i'd rather refrain from doing that...cya soon