Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mike Vayan(mouth) - Gokul

Well, to this day there are true cartoonists in the real world, totally unrevealed though!! obviously i thought blogs are the only means i can relate their greatness and thanks , that wud be my trouble & frnds  for the rest of my life...without them wud make my life a hollow willow.  Here are the list of them from college and how  they shot to glory with their mouth and funny it @ college or afterdat... 

   Mike Vayan(mouth) - Gokul...     As the name depicts its LOUD & CLEAR !! he mite hav swallowed an Amplifier in his tender age, either that or all of his food and energy intakes produce  only sound (wud rather call it as noise, else my frnds wud mind!) . Hez indeed well known for his loud mouth and a clown without a disguise if yu ask. More abt him, yea he did
 do some good things as in college like arranging Industrial Visits (so called!) and never in reality we came across industries , plus as usual he was our Voice only being his voice is as above normality.
   He has too many names , all which rose to the occasion perhapsæ´µ he he.... and the last thing on earth tell a Secret, which  might be the next announcement on Kongu Radio! And for the lovelife of his, its the only damn secret that he kept...not until last month we made him booze to an extent that he had to blurt it as well :)    Now to do some justice to the title of this dumb blog..., let me quote some of the notable sayings of thiru great Mike vayan itself..
It was another treat day and the scapegoat being Siva , when we were feasting more on Siva's wallet rather than the sake of hungerpangs, as usual it was all the gallata when Mike vayan was craving for icecreams...he said "Boss, oru(one) Fruit n nut Sunday" , for a sec we all sat wondering whaaaa?? and then realised he wanted to say "Boss, oru(one) Fruit n nut Sundae" ...the waiter could do nothing other than burst into laughing..... ho boy half the drinks
 went in vain!! that added in history as well..    
                       (this is where he worked he he)
      There are many more famous sayings but epitomes always speaks loud and i tend to write only the best outta the lot, Mr.Mikevayan did by somehow after a lot  soapwashes to his manager , managed to get an Onsite oppurtunity and fatefully to UK indeed!! That was durin my brief stint in UK, was another windy Sunday, when Jaga, Gokul & me were wondering where to head next after a heavy meal in East Ham.. Mr.Gokul was always the railways expert among us, if you cud just check his account he wud hav tickets booked worth rs.35k, no wonder and he fancied himself as the expert and wanted to show off that hez no left out in UK underground as well,there he went and asked a policeman after a lot of mustering the so-called-English accent of his (remember Sunday!!) "Excuse me, where can i find the Railway busstand",
Boy yu shud hav seen the Policeman Blink in wonder!, he shud hav thought us like a bunch of hard earned comedians. We cud'nt help but laugh our stomach out....from then on he never wud brag abt Railways as he always used to...all he cud think was " is there a Railwaystation or a Railwaystand" ...LOL   
I forgot to add...he is very popular admist girls and they always flock around fact sometimes they get so possesive on him that they do this...
In real world he is the best guy to talk with and if there s a single soul who will be able to pull up a fight and find fault, then am ready to bet anything... such a sweet character he is!Am totally amazed by helping tendency...he cares so much for his friends....!!!