Thursday, September 23, 2010

55 FiCtIOn - DrEaDeD PaCkAgE !

Yet another 55 fiction which denotes am very jobless but quite busy at the same time.
With great difficulty and, sweating profusely he completed his climb

The burden enormous enough to rip his pant apart!

The arc shaped package in front, haunted him

Fate as it was, He repented for developing it

He tried hiding it in vain..

But this was the reason, he had grabbed attention



For all my plump amigos, nothing wrong in being fat :)! Its why you stand apart... no offence meant though if some one did get annoyed, I would suggest to get angry at the blog author who is blabbering right now.

Friday, September 3, 2010


On this special occasion I would like to thank and say sorry to so many people , who in spite of their best efforts failed but succeeded in me.

Sorry to ,

My Pre.K.G teacher - As I had ripped apart your hair and left you bald when you taught me how to shake head whilst reciting rhymes.

My 2nd std GK mam - For the number of times you tried teaching me how to do "kneel down punishment. "

My Games sir - You thought I had good arm power, but I was just throwing the ball here and there for you to run and fetch.

My Gymnastics mam - Sorry It was my banana peel with which you slipped.

My English sir - Angrily you said "Shit" , and I bribed the whole class to blackmail you by complaining this to Headmaster.

My Karate Sir - For throwing bricks at you to see if your head is as strong as your hand!

My Painting master - It was me who hung the cartoons of you around the school. Am sorry the portrait had half moustache.

My Biology mam - For asking inappropriate questions during appropriate reproductive classes.

My Math sir - How I never understood the Differentiation between Integration in Trigonometry of Theorems - Phew what an Algebra!

My Chemistry Sir - For pouring dilute acids in your tvs 50 petrol tank and the number of conical flasks which I broke trying to balance them with a testube.

My College prof - You tried your best to put me in different benches, yet the dreams continued in your classes.

My Blogger Gurus - In spite of all your hard thought blog posts, yet i post a dumb comment :)!

My Friend - The best teacher of all, If it was not for my friend... I would never be what I am!

Because I used to over perform right from my childhood, all my class teachers expect a little ahead of Teachers day!

Guess the amount of pranks you all did are no less. Please do share! :)