Thursday, December 23, 2010

SaNtA BaNtA & 55eR

I studied in a christian school where Christmas celebration is bliss.Long back when I was a kid ( doesn't mean am old now) , during one Christmas eve I remember this particular comic incident and mega tragedy. My head PT master dressed up as Santa and started throwing in Chocolates to all the kids, as usual me a choc maniac grabbed as much as I can and tucked in my pocket. Once the bag of chocolates got over(though there were many kids), our Mr.Santa blasted HO HO HO across the hall.

So I gave idea to the kids that Santa has hidden a couple of chocolates in his tummy. So as the leader of the pack, we invaded Santa's stomach. I hate to tell how the red outfit changed in few mins. I had to come to school after Christmas as a token of love punishment - Cleaning the mess.

And a dumb 55er to keep you all lazy busy fizy dizzy .

Rita turned around, Rahul was least bothered.
Rahul was full of dreams, Let him dream - angrily she took the weapon!
She would make him listen to her!
All her energy and shouting in vain,
She wanted to teach him a lesson!!
She moved to beat him
It was time!
BUZZZZ ! Rahul picked his school bag and left

Merry Christmas everyone :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

55 FiCtIoN - PuNcH

I have mastered the art of disappearing very easily. One of the reasons why I disappeared from the blogs ville for some time. My Dad used to take me to the exhibition when I was a kid and I used to hide somewhere .My Dad would go nuts in search of me. This went on for sometime until once, he did the same thing and I got scared to hell.

Because I watch a lot of Kollywood movies this is a masala kind of introduction to show the masses that am Back from rehab and will start to haunt and tickle you all.

Chance ! This was his only chance

All his hard work , put to test

The punch could change his day

He lunged forward with fear,

His hands sweaty as they got ready to punch heavily

He looked at his target and strained his brain

A mental pressure than a physical one

He Punched the 4 digits on the ATM

"Invalid Pin"