Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ThE sTrOkE

Before you all proceed with reading the post, my deepest condolence to Leo who has always been around me, all the time, in different forms , right from my childhood. Its a pity you have left me
LeO - click here

Came the defining moment

Through his Life, this particular second could change things

So quick it came, before he realized what he had to do

"The Stroke" ...! and then he held his chest immediately

He was full of sweat, maybe dehydrated

It was over in a flash

The batsman played the stroke of last ball .
Leo was my pet mosquito who I trained personally , for biting my friends until I shook hands with Leo once and that was the end.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


First - am sorry fellas for a terribly late post and haven't been around in your space lately, and if I quote work, none of you are going to believe me including my seniors... hmm so a small thought and crack.. :
Everyday tons of materials/stuff get thrown away, a short note about why and what are disposed after the end of its life...

Shoe - Because you get kicked, your feet grow faster than your brain , flicked in the temple..etc

Battery - Because you click photographs of your gal more than clicking the mouse, etc..

Clothes - Because girls want to look sexy and skimpy (not possible with traditional Indian wear ) , wardrobe is full, mom keeps on yelling .

Spectacles - Because I keep staring at the monitor 24x7 WORKING and you all are glued to social networking sites and chatting ( not a sarcastic "I")

Paper - Because the letters from cupid doesn't get poetic enuf to impress the dumb Blondie, Printing is free in office, etc..

Grandparents - Because they are all OLD, burden and of no help - a common scenario for people who leave and settle abroad

Plastic - Because the Plastic awareness is not as important as Aids, bottles are no good,

Aluminium foils - Because all the wrappers are homeless, the chocolates are tastier and not these, etc..

CD's - Because the movies are played in local channels the pirated CD's are no good, easier to download from freebie illegal sites than buy a CD..etc..

Tires - Because they are punctured heavily by driving back and forth to the shop less than a mile away

Well all of the above mentioned are capable of being recycled and that too very effectively. But it always is up to the individual to decide to recycle or not. LIFE is no different, everyone thinks they are wasted at a point of time, but the truth is... it is recyclable as well.

Am turning all pilisopical ( Wat's the spelling anyways) ... :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

ThE HaNd....!

tHe HaNd.....

That broke my toy , which I would have either way,

That put a needle where I sat,

That passed me the bit(answers) during exam and then pointed at me, so I get caught,

That pulled me to the movies when I wanted to study (novels),

That clapped when I fell down from the bike stunt in front of a babe,

That pushed me into the swimming pool with no water in it,

That swiped my credit card for all the treats and movies ,

That whistled when I got out for a duck,

That held my hand up for doubts, during sleepy lectures,

That punched my face when I said no to Beer,

That wiped my tears of for every onion I cut,

That can never let go of me, even if its 2012

That opens my blog page, even if its full of YAWN :D

Also the same hand which I can stomp over and yet ready to withstand the pain...

It belongs to all my friends , if not for you guys, am never here!! God Bless you all..!