Monday, June 1, 2009

Adyar Guyz

Adyar Amarkalam

Adyar. This was and has been my home for the last 2 years and has continued to nurture some Young talents. Yes it was we the Adyar Guyz. Am done boasting with the baseless intro, for those who think am going to write about Adyar Guyz wonderful contribution to the society, please ....!

Some trivia...
We are almost a dozen people living here and call ourselves as Adyar guyz and we have a bit of rivalry with Velachery Guyz as they copied our likes.

We have been blamed by our neighbours more than a god knows how much times for not keeping quiet, thats weird is it wrong to shout " dei, paradesi naye(some gibberish language to abuse us) " @02:30 in the night..err morning .

We successfully have won the bet match against the adyar school boys,the 7th time after throwing their cricket balls out of the ground several times & breaking bats and make them wonder rather to pay the bet amount than compensate the kit.

We are highly reputed in IT organisations, and have heavy work from 10 in the morning till 5 in the evening with two hours of lunch break.

We like eating and half of Adyar's grocery shops and vegetable storekeepers deliver to our doorstep with lots of freebies.

We have hired two cook's, owing to the fact that we still need to eat on when one of them falls sick.

We have water in abundance and no. of people taking bath a few.

We also have professionals in C, C++, .Net, Mainframe, AS400, Advanced Java,SQL,DB2, Oracle ....all sorts of technology , sitting in BENCH.

We set examples to our juniors - need not explain what!

We have been lauded by Electricity board for continuous high volume bills inspite they thinking we are running some kind of factory.

We successfully have made neighbourhood beautiful north indian girls to relocate after my friend went out brushing in the balcony. yes i forgot in a pink underwear.

We house most of the mosquitos in Adyar, thereby makin Adyar a Pest-free Zone.

English is the Vernacular Language, though several attempts have failed.

We have two Rivals.. Velachery Guyz who imitate our style and Opposite house thatha... who thinks Bachelors should be banned..wonder how he crossed.. We fight only for one thing - who manages the common account, as it takes a lot of risk, but very benifactory :) .
let me introduce the occupants, out of which ll be writtin in detail about them

Sundaram - He is the HR of our room, his leelaigal will be put up in a seperate Blog. He is so clean and talkative. he washes his underwear twice a day, but he does'nt wear wonder whose underwear he washes anyway.

Thillai - He is the Gadget Guru , he gives rave reviews about any new gadget that is launched and has recommended many a time for professionals also. He knows abt PS2, Xbox, all Apple products,Mobiles,Laptops,By the way he has a Nokia 1100 , Desktop with a celeron 500 processor and a FM Radio.

Hari - Thats me.. am the peter of this room, i try speaking in English in unecessary places and get bulb by sum1 asking me" tamil, theriyum thane, aparum ena"(yu know tamil right, then y the scene)

Gokul- He's a multi talented freak, loud mouth and he is our Sharekhan, he is a little NDTV profit and applies personal loans and then invests them in shares and also gives free advice to others to buy. Yeah and he lost like nearly a lakh in the dumb shares that he has invested. Have written a detailed blog abt him as well :)

Saravana Kumar - He is the Entrepreneur of Adyar guyz and nicked as Kadiyan for his extreme irritation. His ventures included the banned Gold coin business, Amway , LIC insurance and kadiyan LUNGI forgot to tell he works in Wipro also by the way.

T N Karthy - He is the Glutton of our room but maintains a very healthy diet and tries eating only 6 times a day.

Cyril - He is a walking encyclopedia and can explain about anything yu ask, but the first question he asks to yu is yu are aware anything abt it and continues based on yur answer, to quote an example back during college days, Ramesh went over to cyril to get some idea on data structures before exam, after confirming that Ramesh didnt know a thing about DS, cyril explained sooo well that Ramesh scored an arrear(failed yes) in that exam...turns out Cyrilz coaching!

Thiru - All he can do is speak the truth! today he is the team leader, tomoro the Project Manager, later on he gets married and he was asked to goto Japan,Australia,US, UK and seems he turned down all these offers bcos of his interest! (or,.. yu know!!) He is the techno person of our room and no one dares to speak anything technical to him!

Saravanan - Our walking newspaper can name any thing happening in the town, country except what job he does. Also his honesty and very sincere to the rules. He has just constructed a house in the temple's property of his hometown :)

HariVenky - He is the pillar of our room, though now he is put up in Hyderabad he was a part of our vanathapolai family! Have also written a detailed blog abt him

Here is one view of our peaceful life..


Stupidosaur said...

Write more! Does that help? :)

(Commenting in the top-most post does not mean that I did not read till the last one ;) )

Chriz said...

hahaha.. room eduthu thanguna nyaabagam ellaam varudhey...

naanga ellaam quarter adichu kuppura padutha kootams...

nice video... :)

what happened to the poor soul who took the video? was he kicked by the towel guy?

hary!! said... was me who took the video ;-) ! so i'd rather not tell abt wat happened to me. LOL

Rahul said...

Really nice one...I really liked this point of view u shared...
Adding u in my blog list to read more from you!!!

My blog is :)

Shanu said...

Lol...that was fun.

Loved the sarcasm and the video :P

First time here..will keep dropping by!!

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

he he..reminds me of this huge tam gang in my forced to learn all the relevant hi fi wrds like 'bulb', 'naay' and the others id rather keep mum abt. have fun!

DPhatsez said...

Ada Paavingala!!

Adyar vs Velachery ingeyum!! LOL!

Kalakkarey machi! :D

hary!! said...

~Shanu...danx! :)

hary!! said...

~Akshaya ya... those are some catchy words indeed ..danx for droppin by! :)

hary!! said...

Hey Arun...anga yaru gethu? Adyar ila Velachery ya?? ha ha..kalakal than ponga!

iceprincess said...

i loved "pardesi naye"
i have added that to mu vocab....

Ferrin B said...


cheers ;)

Pallav said...

hey ths is wonderful
i wud like to read more.....

thanks a ton for dropping by


hary!! said...

~Hi Ice..i wud'nt scold any1 whom i dont know as such...yu'd end up in trouble :) thanks for dropping by

hary!! said...

~Pallav..c yu around ;-)

Amrita~Ams said...

funny :D

Insignia said...

Hahahaha.. I have heard a lot about guys sharing a common room and all the 'galatta'. Thanks for sharing the video.

Now I believe what they said.

And your satire is amazing.

Keep writing!

Harish said...

Haha! nice video! Seems so much like my cousin's Acco. in Chennai, Adyar thaan I think!

hary!! said...

~bindu..he he we indeed had a whale of a time..miss all those stuff now :( truely is Adyar...!the hell place to live in :)

Sainath said...

am the real spectator of all these comedies.. enna snuggy!! chi.. hari...

hary!! said... leaking out nickies ..:)

Sakshi said...

I promise I will never ever peek into a Bachelor Room ever again in my life....not even on blogger...sigh!!! Hope that towel was nicely folded and kept back in the bathroom

hary!! said...

~Sakshi..the towel guy still roams in the same towel!! well this was the most decent video i was able to find :)

Cute Cadre said...

Too funny yaar :D
Loved this post

hary!! said...

~Cute... thanks for the cute comment :)

Sowmi said...

Interesting! 10 guys in one room??????:O

Sivakumar said...

de vennai hari, velachery always rocks!! The unconquerable guys natpu Kamatchi, natpu Dinesh, Sasi, Siva, engal anna Captain Sakthi. We work under the captaincy of Captain and we were always in the winning side!