Friday, October 30, 2009

OnE BaD DaY - 55 Fiction #1

Have been trotting around so many 55 Fictions lately and so I thought ll write one, so if this post is kinda freaky , please laugh or tickle yourself when you read ,so someone around can think mine is a funny post :-) !. Now this is my first attempt.Not quite if i hit a sixer or a hit wicket.

Note : 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 55 words.

"I love her madly"
"Then, tell her before its late"
" Am afraid what shez gonna say"
"Now or never dude"
"Hmmmm OK"

" Anita, I err....Ahem....."
"Hey Rahul....wassup"
" Today is special...! Was thinking about you so much"
" I know Anna(bro) , me me yur hand, Happy Raksha Bandan"
"Gulp! (Wrong day)"

Thanks to Shruti,Neha,Mahesh,Venky and many more. Do let me know how it was! :D

Tomorrow is Halloween and we all are planning to dress up some thing weird enuf and am planning to do a Joker as in Dark Knight, but cynical stuff would not suit me and my friend said I need not dress up and am already looking like Halloween prone geek! What shud i dress up like? hmmm Maybe T Rajendar.

Pretty tough but worth a try I think. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

BoSsY TaLe

My Boss and I share an eternal bond and am sure most of you love their bosses. If there is sarcasm in my words , then its in the mind of the readers and I always go by my disclaimer notice above.Following is a fictional true conversation between Boss and HaRy.Gone are the days when idle time used to overtake my busy schedule and am back to busy bee, so I can roam around my cubicle 100 times to show am quite busy.Am having sort of the mokai Block,so please spare me fellas.

Boss : Hey Hary... busy day?

Hary : Yep sir, lotsa work yu see..

Boss : Weird! I don't remember sending out any task mails to yu?

Hary : Yu didn't? i have an email from yu ( checks and finds out, it was last week's). ... Oh OK OK!!

Boss : Apparently it means Yu still haven't completed last week's work.

Hary : Ahem! actually, this and that came across to make my mind, think of that... so that...

Boss : Where are yu up to? never in your seat!

Hary : In the cafeteria..

Boss : (Bewildered) What??

Hary : Whats the mission of our company sir?

Boss : Mutual Productivity earned through trust and hard work.

Hary : What?? No way, I have read it in the notice board, it says " Bring your appetite here, Love the slow food"

Boss : S**T , that's the Cafeteria's mission... its an advertisement written below. Well done..!!!!

Hary : Thank you (gulp)

Boss : Hmmm... what do you think of the term "Bench" ?

Hary : Two things 1. Its cruelty , 2. They are old fashioned and only cushion chairs should be used.

Boss : Remarkable stupid creativity you have.... Why are yu late to office everyday?

Hary : Pass

Boss : This ain't any Quiz competition... Cant you learn from Rahul?

Hary : I thought yu asked me to learn from Sachin? No? Rahul is in different dept

Boss : Noooo you are hopeless, I mean learn being punctual, discipline, hard work..

Hary : That eh! oh I learn from you.

Boss : I need to check the HR interview panel , they should be weirdos to recruit people like you.

Hary : Your Wife was the Lead there.

Boss : Gulp!

Following is the picture my friend sent me with caption as " If your boss asks you to work on weekends" ( Click to see a larger image of the Picture, Goyale in Tamil means...i think waste fellow)

How abt yu guys? funny experiences with yur boss? Do share em' ,

Friday, October 16, 2009

LuCkY tO CeLeBrAtE DiWaLi?

***I some how managed to write a story without humor in it, i know i am a Novice in story telling..Please let me know your views*************

Eyes Wide open Little Abu watched out through the window, beautiful sky scrapers around the city seem to lit up the sky with the spectacular fireworks. It was already Diwali eve and he still was waiting for his parents ,who did not return from work. He peeped out through the window again which showed the never ending slum street with the below poverty line people.

Under the dim street lights, Raju sat picking all the left over fireworks out of 1000 walas and burst out crackers. The old lady in Raju's neighbourhood kept yapping about loud sound and playfully Raju and his sister kept all the bijili cracker around her, all around the small kids kept fighting for some rocket's and chakra's.

After some time came Raju's dad on his usual Atlas Cycle with two big covers. Raju and his sister grabbed the cover in haste to see what their Dad has got for them. Abu was surprised to see some of the clothes belonged to him and his DAD had given away as it was quite old, and same with Raju's sister as well. But Raju's joys knew no bounds as he started wearing them right away and jumped in joy!

As time passed by they started to light the crackers and only 2 out of 10 flamed up as most of them were used and thrown away one's. Then came Raju's mom with some home made sweets hardly handful, yet she started giving to Raju, his sister and some to the kids nearby. Four of them hugged each other in Joy exclaiming "Shub Diwali" with so much joy and sincerity in their tone.

Tring!! Lil Abu rushed to the door leaping in joy thinking his parents in mind , only to find his maid. She informed Abu that her parents were not able to make it because of work they had and wished him Happy Diwali through their maid!! Again Abu went over to the Window...only with tears in his eyes. That was all he cud have done !

Life is about kutti kutti ( small small ) happyness , we earn,study,work, eat only for these! The Idiot box and work has taken our life virtually and there is indeed no time for our people.
Happy Diwali everyone... spend some time to wish your family and friends!

Friday, October 9, 2009

bLuNt SuPeRsTiTiOn'S

This post as my disclaimer goes, is basically aimed at complete warp humor and not to target any one's personal belief!

1. The Black Cat crossing the Road is considered a Bad Omen when you start somewhere - Oh yeah poor one with nine lives, I can send a Black cat everyday to trot in front of my Boss's house:)

2. Do not sneeze or cough or exclamation when someone leaves for a journey - Last time I had to sneeze and controlled so hard, otherwise my uncle's US trip wud have been cancelled bcos i sneezed? Or wat :)

3. Do not cut your hair or Shave on Tuesdays/Fridays - Now what ll happen if I have an interview on a Friday/Tuesday? I dread that!

4. Do not sneeze odd no.of times when some one is going out - Hmmm, can throw some pepper on the squeezer's(there is such a word rite?) nose, so he can sneeze again.But if he sneezes twice to make it ODD, then God help.

5. Going Beneath a Ladder is not a good Omen - So push the ladder, even if someone is on the top painting something, throw him your day will be bliss.Not sure abt him.

6. Eating curd before Exams bring good luck - Now am a topper as well ( now its up to yu guys to believe it) , used to score 100% in all the subjects( My alter ego is abusing me) , but then i never have touched curd my entire is that? (agree there is scientific fact for coooling..but how does it work for me :-) .he he

7. T.Rajendar enters politics - Now that's the best superstition or comedy piece...and am not sure why i put this here.

8. If your head bumps with another person a black dog might bite yu later / Horns might grow on your head, so bump again with the same person - My Friend who saw this in the Genelia movie, thought he can bump into a number of gals and take this excuse to bump again, but ended up bummed in his nose.

9. Hiccups indicate someone is thinking of you - So its better you go and see the person who is thinking of you rather than drink water.

10. Opening an Umbrella indoors bring bad luck - So most of the cine actress's life is ruined and have only bad luck.

11. This is the worst one - Girl forced to marry a DOG

Well most of them are harmless, such as senti - watches, dress, jewels, pen, soo many.... but the one's that can be the turning point in one's life..God save them!

Guess each of you have your own experiences...:D share them guys!

Friday, October 2, 2009

mY aMigOs

Time for some real life cartoonists...let me introduce some of my cartoon friends, who always have shot to glory because of their tongue. All the mentioned below are a part of AdyarGuyz , please check the link for more details

Maadu(Cow) - Hari Venky

The name implies everything. He is the Backbone of our class room and has a rare character to withstand anything including large number of insults that he faces in daily life. He is a sapaduholic(foodholic) and munches up everything that comes across him. He has a very rare physique , and incredibly his brain is very small and has much of it covered with food and the rest with a lot of affection for friends ;-) .

He is very gooood in cricket and so gooood that he only umpires during the matches (actually we don't allow him to play, because if he gets out he does not give the bat back) so we always put him as the umpire by praising him saying that " mache, you only can solve any issues when both teams fight during a match, so please as yu are the best" and as i said he has less brain he agrees immediately. He was sooo excited and the first ball was bowled by Sai . But it was just a sec after the ball was released from his hand and wud not even have reached the batsman by which Mr.Venky had declared Six. check the Pic. so much for gooood umpiring ;-(

All these cartoons apart, he is such a caring person and wud risk anything for friends. He can laugh without even a joke . He does have another name as "Baby", because of his so much of innocence and baby like character.

Poriyal(Curry) - Cyril Benedict

He is one of my very close friend indeed , and has humour integrated within.... he is very good at Quantitative Analysis (yes he mugged all the answers from R S Agarwal book), so during the final year of college he managed to somehow clear the first round only to keep wondering why they asked different questions during the HR interview, mugging for HR interview did not help yu see! :-) . He calls himself as the College Captain for the Hockey team . Well also he became the first in history of our college to score Self goal for the sake of opposite team and sprint in celebration until someone pointed him that sides do change after half time!

Otherwise he is such a God Fearing and a lovely person! So honest and sincere that i admire the most in him.

Forgive me for the terrible piece of artwork, but am bad in MS Paint :(

Paavada(gown) - Sundaram

Well he was the man!! and he always will be!!This guy can hardly speak a line correctly Of our good for nothing gang, he is the only worth for something.. he always is surrounded by gals, of course sisters as yu think. He has amazing vocabulary skills that's what am going blah about

Incident#1 : Sundaram has very good abbreviation knowledge and he is the best among words! One day we were talking about frequent power cuts, when putting up UPS came into discussion, and beloved Paavadai came in and said "Macha , nama veetla current ila nama yen UNEXPECTED POWER SUPPLY use pana kodathu" meaning " Macha, when there is no current in our home, y not we use UNEXPECTED POWER SUPPLY", Apparently he didn't understand the abbreviation maybe for UPS!! LOL

Incident#2 : Another day and we were planning for a tour to Andaman & Nicobar, We were so excited by the sudden idea and were discussing how to apply for leave and dates , hotel and other stuff (Mr. Sundaram has not arrived, that's y the smooth dialogue) . Sundar entered the scene all of a sudden and we briefed him this idea and also about the dates and we went on & on until he stopped us saying, " Macha, Andamanuku passport eppo panalam ...?"( when do we apply passport for Andaman..?). Wat a moment it was!. First of all he did not realise that Andaman is a part of our country and then second even if it wasn't( he he) it was VISA that we should have applied and not Passport....hayo hayo... We sent out a mail to our College group , to spread the fame of Sundar's passport comedy!!

Ironically, he has applied VISA thrice for US L1 & L1B visa and has been rejected all times...!! maybe he needs to apply for Passport rather than Visa ;-) LOL , all otherwise he is a gooooood chap and first time in our college history received an award for Helping tendency! Award which was especially designed for his incredible helping nature!

There are many more of my good 'ol pals especially GOKUL , will keep posting their flip side :)