Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stuart Little

When i first came over to UK i was very glad that i have escaped from the wrath of the deadliest mosquitos from Adyar . Then i heard the story of the Great Plague in London @ Maddam Tussads museum and was gasping at how a Rat kingdom had London run helter shelter!! London has quarter of the city in Underground most of the time , and i guessthats the reason its ridden by rats. Thankfully i was put in Southampton , so i thought it was a great escape.

All was fine until i shifted house to a new one and it was clean and much better than the previous one. When one day we were cooking so much of Indian Sambhar and vegetable curry,looks like we had tempted the Rat which was into hidding and feasting only on English food..like bread, cereals and butter, so out came the mouse ...and my friend felt the wriggle in his pants and dropped all of the sambhar...of course it spilled on me, or maybe that was his idea! Egad!! we didnt know wat to do as we both were not Rat-killing experts.

We decided to name it as Stuart Little.... as we didnt know the name of the mouse from Mouse Hunt movie. We devised a plan to outwit Mr. Stuart, Now it was evident after a couple of sightings that, Stuart had his interests in Indian Curry, we decided first to test in which the interest if Stuartlies by keepin Curry and Chocolate adjacent, come morning and Curry was gone!! so we now made a curry and let it for a couple of days in hiding to get spoiled, assuming that Stuart wud not be able to take the spoilt curry.

So the D-Day and we kept the Curry open at nite and slept happily, morning and we found some Curry missing, but Stuart was nowhere to be seen..after some search we gave up.
In office our new room mate was no-where to be seen, we found out that our new room mate who arrived last night was delighted at the sight of curry that he had eaten most of it :-(.

We even tried to scare it away by putting up these kind of pictures...but we lost finally!

Now we had to switch to Plan B... compromise with Stuart...thats what we did finally, he agreed and he never crossed the limit and so do we...

Our deal was that , he should not nibble on fresh food and would eat what is kept seperate for him and his deal was to play the video of Tom & Jerry once in a week , so that he can laugh at Tom's dumbness. So now whenever i watch a movie in my laptop, and if there was to be a Romantic scene a peanut will be thrown on my face from Stuart, who sits beneath my couch and givesme a glare...that means turn the monitor, so that he can see as well :) . And yeah..it gnaws everything in excitement when it watches Mickey Mouse cartoons....and even jumped from the table !

Its now a part of our house...here is the pic ..he he :)


Satans Darling™ said...

Haha.. Say my hello to Mr. Stuart Little :D Nice blog you have, I have blogrolled you :)

Sainath said...

Dei!! check out its gona bite ur wears.

Chriz said...

boy or girl?


stuart looks good..

Sakshi said...

Does Stuart blog too?? I have a nibbling feeling he does....

SJ said...

LOL!!! Get Stuart a wife ya, then she will cook for him!!! Have blogrolled you maa..good read!

Rush said...

Aawwww..thats so sweet!!

more pics..more pics..please *pleads*

numerounity said...

Hehe every mouse has his day!!!

Stuart is having his nights too!!!

Good one.


hary!! said...

~ Ashrita... yes i will say hello for yu, hope he doesnt mind another friend :)

~ Sai... It would have, if it was you !

~ Chriz.... now why didnt i ever think of that? intha mathiri elam neenga than think panuvinga !

hary!! said...

~Sakhsi.. good idea, will ask him to start blogging..anything except me !

~SJ...well one stuart only is a prob...cant imagine Mrs.Stuart :)

~Rush...wonder if Stuart will allow, has his own copyrights..

~numero...Every mouse has its day ..ya!

ZiLliOnBiG said...

hehe, that was nice. nice blog you have. cheers:)))

Gayatri said...

sounds like we have a Ratatouille in the making :)

just shove him up your chef's hat the next time you cook and he will show you a few tricks!

hary!! said...

~Zillion..thanks! not as gud as yurs!
~Gayatri...i wonder wat Stuart will think of that! will check that for yu :) cheers for visitin

Sowmi said...

Mr. Stuart looks very chweet :)