Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ViJaY tHe JuMpEr!

***Quite a lengthy post on hazardous stuff, pls be ready to wear laughter masks!*****

He is the next in line to be the superstar, that's his assumption of course. He is called as the Ilayathalapathy(young general) again by himself , but folks here use him as to threaten kids to sleep early and eat properly, otherwise make the kids watch movie. Why am i writing this post?.because i was hunted by the Hunter(vettaikarn - his new movie).

For all non-Tamil readers, its OK, consider you are lucky to have survived this foray. I have a question for all the readers, Its about jumping .How long can anyone jump? Have heard that Mike Powell is the current world record holder for the 8.95m leap, Our Anju Bobby George has her record at 6.74(if statistics are wrong, blame google search index , took some time to search it) , so lets say that's the max an Indian can jump. So hope everyone agrees.

Well people let me introduce you to what our country might have missed in Olympics and World championships!

Here is the Kuruvi Jump, those who need to practice need to deposit 5lakh rupees to the blog owner's account for a special training. Interested participants will be given a exclusive training from one and only Vijay himself! well in the later half of the video he actually runs and jumps on to the train then, thats the twist , so he does not land on the train directly :).

To brief more about our Hero, recently he was honoured the legendary Doctorate for which our hero assumed it had to do something with the treatment for the disease he had and did not turn up for the function, and the organisers had trouble in explaining that they are not taking him to the doctor for treatment.

Also he was the official ambassador for the Chennai Super Kings and he was quite ecstatic on being given this new post, but unfortunately his knowledge of cricket was quite little and he asked Dhoni for a chance in the cricket team by bribing with Nayanthara .

Let me quote the lyrics of his opening song featured in his new movie

Nan adicha thanga maata ,Naalu maasam thoonga maata
Modhi paaru veedu poi sera maata

It means

" If I hit you you will not be able to bear me, 4 Months you will not be able to sleep
Try to bully me and yu'll not reach home"

Well instead we can re-frame this as

" If I act you will not be able to bear me, 4 months you will not be able to sleep
Try to watch my movie and you are in Guinness"

Well , jokes apart he is a very good TOR (there is no ACT in the word) , and if you are a vijay fan, please do read my disclaimer before you jump on me!

My previous post was a tragedy basically its like it was because the previous night I was made to watch this movie. So forgive me if it was a disaster!

Happy New Year everyone!!...:D I'll let you all know my bunch of new year resolutions for 2010!

Friday, December 25, 2009

iN SeArCh Of - 55 FiCtIoN

Hey Amigos, me back after two weeks of detention! Will be back with my usual interesting boring writings,and back to your spaces as well. To start with Forgive me and hope yu all are doing fine.
Today was the last date, could not find the application form
I opened frantically, it would not open!
I opened the tools! and removed the cookies inside
Finally it opened.
So Many forms , OMG!
I started to search from top to bottom,
One by one
Ah! There it is , thanks to Google, found the website to Apply :) !

Merry Christmas everyone. Please enjoy the festive season with your family and friends! Its more fun of course :D

Thursday, December 10, 2009

mE tHe BaBy HeRo & ThAnK YoU

Hey fellas, Unlikely of me to update my blog apart from a Friday, yet am tempted to post this. A Big thanks to all my Blog readers (especially my mokai inspiration Chriz Bro), who had the patience to read my posts all these days, somehow I caught the attention of Webneetech and they have featured my so called Interview CLICK HERE. As I mentioned earlier in one of my pretty bad at Interviews, but somehow I came up with much decent answers. Thanks to Anamika from Webneetech!

Luv yu all...thanks and keep lol'ing whist yu are here!
As mentioned in my previous post I have plenty of superpowers and one of them being my Memory, My memory is so blank that I can recall what happened when I was a 8 Month old baby.Just a small snapshot of myself :D

To become HaRy you need to be HaRy....and for that its little difficult for you all, as I began to read a lot ,even from my tender age...of 8 months. My flair for reading was soooo very impressive that I used to read every book near me For all Jealous babies out there, look at me reading(pic) , I know what all you kids would have done...Pulling strands of hair off your sister, wail right in your mom's ear, hold your bro's nose until they yell in pain,wetting bed (Chriz till date) but yes, am unique :) .

This photograph was taken when my neighbour Aunty brought her 6 month old baby girl to my home, So I realised girls fall for boys with high reading skills and I tried pretending to read the book and show off, until she crawled near me and turned my book, as I was holding it upside down. Nevertheless she was amazed at my Topsy turvy skills. Now am sure if my neighbourhood gal would not remember this as she does not hold super powers like me.

This picture is me...Yes It was supposed to be appearing for the Dabur Chyawanprash ad for intellectual babies.

Friday, December 4, 2009

MiNd ReAdEr !!

Last couple of days I came to know one of my biggest gifts - Mind Reading . What is mind reading...hmmm "Its The illusion of telepathy in the performing art of Mentalism" The word Mentalism always echo's behind me as I have been referred with that quite a couple of times. Mind reading is very easy you know, let me quote some instances where i realised i have this impeccable talent.

This is the best
The Interviewer asked me "Who is Hari" , for which I said " Hari is the other name of Lord Vishnu, alias Krishna and he is one of the top 3 God's and he has taken 10 Avatar's....blah blah blah" He said "Stop, All I asked was to know about you." I am pretty sure he must have thought " What creativity" , funny my name did not appear in the selected candidate list.

When I finish eating to my full stomach and burp and exclaim to my friend that I forgot to bring my purse, then I know he thinks "Yu no good dumb "@#$" .

When then lovely babe who stays in my opposite flat comes out early morning and i stop brushing and gape at her, from her smile i know she thinks " wow, finally he brushed " , whereas in the ground floor her Dad's glare I know he thinks " wtf "

I can also read minds thru telephone and emails, like

When I send a formal email after trying every word with Thesaurus, I get a nasty reply back from which I can determine the mailer be thinking as" why? am not a gal, don't try to impress me"

When some one explains for almost 5 whole minutes and i say "Pardon me, please repeat" ,one deep sigh from the caller says "Moron..." that am sure I can make out the telepathy.

I can easily tell that half the readers of the blog are wondering what this blogger's intention is, to make comedy or tragedy, So if this post does not make much sense, carry on with your work...of course after throwing an Egg or Tomato comments @ me.. :D

Bear with me for my lazy posts and comments...extreme busy yu know, yet i don't wanna miss you guys!
Happy Weekend everyone :)