Saturday, January 8, 2011

sTaTe Of ArT - WoRk OuT

The mention of two words send sparks, fear, hype and all other exclamation across the world. one - Obesity and the other HaRy. This post is not going to be about the second word as most of the blog readers would skip to the next famous post otherwise. Obesity can result in a wide range of diseases like " bending down and still not being able to see your own shoe" , " No special carriers for theme park rides" .

Now work out is the best way to shed some calories and money.There are numerous fitness centers,gyms, all over the city. And 1 out of 7 people hit the gym. But do you do it right? Where there is a will there is a way. Not sure why I put that in, for a moment I thought I was writing an inspirational post. Anyways there is a procedure for everything and so does the work out regime.

Before I explain the procedure let me introduce Saraku (booze) alias Saravanan. He belongs to the humble Adyar guys room. He works in a tube light company or otherwise WIPRO as a idle Manager. His part time activities include travelling back and forth to office, inspirational speeches to "The great walls of Adyar" and also room account maintenance. Lately he has taken up working out as the prime interest and his passion has driven him haywire. Way enough to make a video for all the fitness aspirants around the world.

I gave him an idea to publish on my blog considering the popularity I have (or rather gain). So before you watch this video, please I warn you "THE STUNTS PERFORMED IN THIS VIDEO ARE COMPILED BY EXPERT COMEDIAN" , the author is not responsible for any biceps or six pack which may result in after this terror.

Please share your comments once you have made your workout fruitful after watching this video.

Do you do it right then?