Monday, April 26, 2010

SaTaN.....aNd We

Lately some where in YouTube, I happened to see this Church of Satan and started to check out some bits. I came to know Satan is a very good person / spirit or whatever. Now why do I say that, well hmmmm as most of you would know the story of Satan. He was called as Lucifer and couple of days ago (because some one told me that if its a year here its a day in spiritual world) .
So our hero thought its easy to overpower God and devised a plan, to join forces with all those bored of God and eventually got big mokai and was banished from heaven. So from then on the Devil came into existence in the form of serpent, monster, like the Onida TV ad. That's the theory from Christianity.

Although now Dan Brown might think ancient history is depicted wrong and the satanic cults existed from Louis XIV in France and until Hitler's Nazi army. Its almost like biasing the statement of a great blogger ( OK me!) Well personally I think Satan/Devil is cool. He chose to rebel against God to proclaim himself. At least he was truthful in what he wanted.
So sometimes he is often referred as the Fallen Angel, the Devil who bribed Eve into a bite of Apple thereby making bringing about huge profits to Calvin Klein, Landmark, Raymond and many more Apparels. Well then he is also responsible for the porn industry to raise, if Eve had not bitten the apple I doubt there would be any confused teen who would glue up all night for a naked pic of Paris Hilton on the web.

Anyways finally I remember why I wanted to write this blabber, yeah Satan is kool. You know why? !

This world is full of people of two types. One - those who Believe in God, Two - Non believers and then came the third kind - Sin in the name of God! The great GOOGLE does not even seem
to have a single acronym for this! No wonder these kind of people are powerfully placed ! These people tend to confuse between being clever and barbaric. A Classic example is a modern day Swami and easily spotted Nithyananda Swami. Apparently he thought the Gods were outdated in technology and were full of myth with principles alone, Secret Video Cams ... yeah God knew that as well ! And the latest bit is that Nithyananda claims himself to be Nithya,
I mean he is a SHE , check this out

Now he is just one of the third kind, we all fall under several sub categories of this kind. There are so many of us who cheat our conscience and yet finally blame it on God or ask for the Almighty's forgiveness.

Whatever it is.... its your call finally, please do not blame God for your non-righteous actions. So what do you think? Satan is a better as a fallen angel, than we are? well, he at least chose to go against.

If any of the facts are wrong please blame google and my poor reading skills , not me.I tried this bit of satire post... well ll stick back to my dumb comedy from next time :) .. Happy weekend fellas !

Monday, April 19, 2010

OpEn - # 55 FiCtIoN

He entered the party with utmost confidence

Slowly everyone started smiling at him, then pearls of laughter

He knew his blogs were funny,

But never knew it can make people laugh at his sight

Everyone stared , laughed, clapped

He placed his hands on his hips and beamed majestically

Until he heard it " Dude your fly is open"! No wonder :(

No its not personal experience for all you dirty minds, provided you read my disclaimer ( how many of you are tired of me yapping this again and again ) .

Monday, April 12, 2010

LiTtLe MaStEr....SuNdArAm!

Sundaram is a classic all rounder in Cricket . For those who don't know about Sundar, please read my previous posts on him Sundaram Star , sure you'll double with laughter. His interest in cricket developed early during the days when Sachin Tendulkar was his guru. He started following Sachin in every aspect, so much that he decided only to marry a girl older than him.So he has various Aunty thrashing experiences.He got obsessed with cricket gradually and even thought of playing professional cricket. Sadly they do not play with plastic balls and Sundar was dejected.

Of late he realised its easy to enter the world of cricket thru IPL, where so many players shot to limelight, so he wore his cricket shoes again with an aim to capture the dream. We all set out to help Sundar and his awesome dream. We even spoke with Shilpa Shetty who was amazed at Sundar's extra mile effort and was willing to provide opportunity, I mean for cricket.Slowly the whole of Adyar started speaking about Sundaram and his dream. The neighbourhood Aunty would even give Sundaram free boost everyday morning to keep up his energy level.Wherever we went, we were showered with love and encouraging words from people for Sundaram, even the opposite house thatha , whose lovely grand daughter(oops i leaked unnecessary info) , ok even he started to support us.

After weeks of eating Bheema kushti legyam ( a very energized chyawanprash kinda ...err stuff) , and we even flicked the Adidas shoes from our neighbours to boost his morale, though one shoe was 8 size and the other 7, those obstacles would not stand in the way of a determined Sundaram. He started hearing the song "I believe I can fly" , and " Aashiq Banaya Apne" song like a dozen times every day. To practice batting we gave him the job of killing all the mosquitos in our house with the mosquito bat. Amazingly he used to kill 50 mosquito's at one shot!

Finally the D-Day of TEST arrived and we the busy people from Software giants(sitting in bench) took a day off to witness the remarkable entry of Sundar into cricket stardom. As he entered with his willow,there were shouts and chants. He stepped up with astonishing confidence just like Ilayathalapathy vijay! The Bowler appeared to be in gripping fear and the atmosphere was mokaistic (dumbstic if there is a word) . The picture below depicts the Sundar before and Sundar after. Rest is just history.

note : I do not have hatred towards cricket nor Sundaram, his extra super powers amaze me to the core and he is my best friend :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My NaMe Is WaLa...

OK so now I went missing, so whats the big deal, we all go missing now and then. When I was a kid I used to play missing with my Dad in the exhibition, mall and scare the hell out of him, until I realised its not easy to find him either. Well any ways the post has nothing to do with me missing, its an Autobiography... I suck at writing autobiographies, so I took the expert advice. I'll tell you later who.

My Name is.... , that doesn't matter much cause none of you and the society know me by my name even if were to give one. I am considered a terror in the society and have been ridiculed by so many. Yet that gives me the strength.

I can drive around the streets thru tiny gaps where only cycle can pass thru , thereby I am the co-founder of the phrase "Cycle gap la auto ootran paru da" (driving an auto in the cycle gap)

I can charge the customer as much as a trip to the moon, even though the distance would be like from a hallway to the bathroom in a one-bed room flat.

I never do care about the vehicle really and have the privilege to abandon it, as most of them which I drive belong to the owners.

I consider the person sitting in the middle to be safe and I have pictures of Hindu,Muslim and Christianity for the passengers to pray for a safe journey.

I don't provide seat belts, so up to you to hold onto something.

I can drive the 200cc vehicle assuming to be a 5000cc Lamborghini.

I still have Rajinikanth's photo on my vehicle, so I can create publicity.

I stop when a girl waves her hand to stop and stick my tongue out when a guy waves.

My Vehicle is supposed to carry 3 persons, although I can take more than that ( If you know what i mean ahem ahem)

I consider the person sitting in the middle to be safe and I have pictures of Hindu,Muslim and Christianity for the passengers to pray for a safe journey.
I belong to an Union, as strong as the central Government.

Along with learning to drive, I learnt to abuse and fight so that skills are quite handy at many a time.

I have a fuming stove connected secretly beneath my meter.

You might be able to convince your girlfriend , but not me am more expensive than her shopping kitty.

Well me and my vehicle are always the first Victim of any strike, bundh .

I can take 15 people inside my tuk tuk.

Now all above experiences and facts are based on the blogger's fictional truth, any information detailed might be because the blogger loves the autorickshaws and yes as always please read my disclaimer.Cyu all soon :D