Friday, May 29, 2009

College Placements

Ho boy, i really luv to write abt this. Final year of college is one heck of an aroma builder for the placements other words as tension, jealousy, err yes interview as well.A small article on students of Final Years :-

Tis is the time when their friendship turns to jealousy.
Tis is the time when everyone starts speaking English all of a sudden!
Tis is the time when they develop a new Area Of interest other than the opposite sex
Tis is the time when the one's who were not aware of the spelling of Pronounce, started using words as JARGON .
Tis is the time when a sentence contained at least 3 words from the GRE book.
Tis is the time when every student was trying to be a Shakuntala Devi.
Tis is the time when we went in search of someone who knew how to wear a TIE.
Tis is the time when boys started to Tuck in their shirts with Surf white shirts.
Tis is the time when girls looked beautiful to the HR's, no wonder.
Tis is the time late night group discussions take place at Hostels, ending up talking nothing other than gossips.
Tis is the time when we knew that Software is not Soft to wear!
Tis is the time when we actually asked the detail of our father's profession to detail
Tis is the time we came to know much about ourself through practising Self-Introduction a dozen times.
Tis is the time when Placement officers went rich! and were regarded as GOD.
Tis is the time i came to know that Wipro is not all about Soaps and Bulb, and Tata is not just Salt.
Tis is the time i stop this, else yu delete this nonsense!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Starring : Mr.T,Mr.S,Ms.J & me

An incident...err.. rather an accident may i call. Back in the history of college days, now it doesnt mean am old though, my frnd Mr.T & me used to hav a distant liking for a junior gal, she ain't greatfully my type , but the fact that he kept starin her daunted me and prompted me to do so...yeah we used to gape her, if thatsis what yu are asking, note : no bias in this statement pls... so it all started like this and my frnd used to JAW drop every time he looks at her and i was no RAMA either...

All was goin f9 when the other guy Mr.S (wud not prefer 2 mention the name, in case as am upbeat) came around blocking our path to detiny...err. we stillhave'nt spoken to her yet, though we now were in the final year. S came around askin us if we were the morons who were behind her, and yeah..boldly we said after a brief hmmm, He said, the last one to speak her is a JACKASS...well, we did wonder if this guy is really gonna show us the mud. All around the week, he kept littering behind her and sending clear notions of chaos in our heart!! FYI he has'nt spoken to her yet, but all was well with them , the eye to eye contactand waves passing thru with Ilayaraja songs were his clear signs.So we had an assumption that, he clearly has shown us the dirt..

Then occured the D-Day, it was the usual electronics exhibition and Mr.S was rathen keen this is gonna b his day , as he and the gal in same dress, we calledit a mere coincidence crap and he said its the so called destiny.... Much to our amusement her dumb(he he) project was rejected and she was all raining tears when we went past the classrooms alone.With the thought of soothing and bringing Solace to her tears and(of course tryin the hero gimmick) me and Mr.Twere arguing as to who shud go first to do that...but here comes Mr.S bullying us and saying that move our dumbos, am her hero....."wha the crap" is all we cudcurse....

He then asked her in his best romatinc divinely tone..." Whats the matter dear,whoz the staff who rejected yur sci-fi project", " Don't worry, am there tobring an other one", we sat in horror as his words kept comin out like some hiku love quotes, but then came the Truth... she said to him " Anna, will you really help..thank you Anna, wat a gesture on a Raksha-Bandan is this from yu"........Ms.J said this!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maadu - Hari Venky

Maadu - Hari Venky

The name implies everything. He is the Backbone of our class room and has a rare character to withstand anything including large number of insults that he faces in daily life. He is a sapaduholic( foodholic) and munches up everything that comes across him. He has a very rare physique , and incredibly his brain is very small and has much of it covered with food and the restwith a lot of affection for friends ;-) .

Now coming directly to the topic, he is very gooood in cricket and so gooood that he only umpires during the matches (actuallty we dont allow him to play, because if he gets out he does not give the bat back)so we always put him as the umpire by praising him saying that " mache, you only can solve any issues when both teams fight during a match, so please as yu are the best" and as i said he has less brainhe agrees immediately.

At this instance he was sooo excited and the first ball was bowled by Mr.S( . But it was just a sec after the ball was released from his hand and wud not even have reached the batsmanby which Mr.Venky had declared Six. check the Pic. so much for gooood umpiring ;-(

Unfortunately he was in the 4th floor of our hostel and i was right beneath his room, so am one of the victims of Maadu quakes! Whenever there was an announcement for phonecalls for him, the whole hostel used to brace themselves as he wud run(err rather thunder) away to the fone thereby his giant steps can be heard early mornings. Plus when some one brings food of course.

He is an excellent secret keeper and can keep anything within him for a DAY/NIGHT. He comes to me and tells me something and he wud have done the same to the rest of our group,but telling each one not to reveal it to anyone else . Once Karthi did inform Venky that he has been engaged and have not told anyone else and to keep it as a secret. But the next day he had told me and everyone else,the traditional line" dai, yarkitayum solatha, ana.....(please dont tell anyone that.....) . Eventually one of us had asked Karthi and he was aghast !! But some how everyone feels comfy and ends up telling most of thesecret stuff only to him.

    He is best known as Hari Venkatesh B.E , but if yu ask him the abbreviation of BE he will reply promptly as Bachelor Of Education!!!! thats wat he said once when applying for HSMP ;)

There was this gal by name Hema in our college..(Hema if you are reading this , i know yur married, but no harm done!). well, she was more of the cupid side of Venky, at least we used to tease as suchWell why we started teasin him with her is still a unsolved mystery though there are many theroies for that one of them being that both of them belonged to the same batch during practical sessions and it startedthere, but the widely known theory is the "Konjunduu Theory" (A little bit, theory).

Was another day when as usual Hema being a day scholar had bought home made food and Venky as usual was stealing food from lunch boxes, but he eats little from each box to avoid suspicion, he felt Hema's Biryani was soo good and during lunch time, she was eating and he went over to her and asked her some. She did give him,but then after some time as usual he felt so hungry and all she had was a Munch chocolate and so he started to plead to her," Hema Konjunduu hema, Konjunduu..." in a very very mushy and a romantic tone.. not sure if it was for the chocolate or her!! We bet its one stone and two mangoes. He is better known by this widely... ;-)

All these cartoons apart, he is such a caring person and wud risk anything for friends. He can laugh without even a joke and that wud make us double with laughter. He does have another name as "Baby", becauseof his so much of innocence and baby like character. I admire him as such a easy going guy and definitely i wud not lose him at any cost. I have my word on it.

There is however one good foto of me and jaanu(dats how i call him) , which i had to dig to find as there are hardly any decent fotos of us... ;)

There will be a part of this episode so keep watching this space closely for more cartoons ;-)