Thursday, August 29, 2013

wOmEn..Shopping.. Oh gaaaad!

Before I start ranting... yes it is me am back, after the next greatest sleep to kumbakarnan. I have been in slumber for last couple of months, and I realized so many things have happened

•  Ra one finally got released after raaa. one million ads

•  My Dream of Lokpal bill can be put forth without my interference.

• Indian team's Brand sponsor Sahara has backed out and Maggi (2mins) are the new sponsors.

•  My appraisal in two years hasn’t changed a bit, it will only if I work right!

So enough blabber, the following blog post is by a friend whom I consider very close to my heart:

My friend and his wife went to shopping once, for some winter clothes. Fortunately my luck came along and I had to accompany him. I guess to carry the bags. From a distance a voice called out to me " oooo HaRy... never go shopping with women, instead try shoplifting".. Gawd.. That’s not my sub conscious mind, believe me guys

No wonder the movie Inception gives me the creeps! :) !

Well history and T shirt quotes say "Shopping with women and lectures from History prof. are the same, never-ending”, so skipping all obstacles ... I took the inevitable step to go out with them. Now the first shop we entered was a moderate one, which amuses me considering my friend has 4 credit cards, I thought to myself OK... The limit differs eh!

As we entered, the No.2 Scapegoat came along (I am No.1scapegoat and the attender in shop is No.2). He started to spread some neat collections which I thought would go well.

Am sure my friend agreed and boy I thought that’s quick shopping. Pause-> His wife didn’t!

Red: . Orange: . Yellow: . Green: . Blue: . Indigo: . Violet:

No, I did not see a Rainbow through the window... But it was the colors of the dresses we saw and still she was not happy. Might as well need to ask the chemical companies to do more magic with their research! Weirdly she kept tilting all the apparels in a certain way, which I finally understood. It was to see the price tag in a very polished way.

So at the end of the 4th hour, we drink water (Me, My friend and the shopkeeper) and oh she drank Juice. She shudders and picks one dress and my friend trembles in fear and picks one credit card (fear if the credit limit is breached), I tremble and sat down (fear of losing my chair), and the shopkeeper quivers and looks back (Its almost end of his shift)!

I plunge my finger nails into my clean white teeth as we neared the climax, I could sense the sweat from my friend and the shopkeeper! A mosquito went thru my ear and came out thru my nostrils (doesn’t mean am dirty, but means I was so much into the situation).... we could barely breathe, and curious shoppers and onlookers around started looking at us in awe! Almost like the last ball of a 20-20 over match. Yet she was unscathed!

Finally, she bit her nails and after 2.5 hours she whirled around and gave a big U all over her face! My friend gave his first sigh of relief and the whole place erupted in Joy! Yes she had decided finally! Yippee I could finally watch the beach volleyball on time.. Err... Guys beach volleyball... No no don’t think me that kind, i meant I could play beach volleyball... Oh whatever!

Out of joy and confusion I noticed my friend’s wife quietly sneaking up to the shopkeeper and asking "Baiyya, I just love this dress... would you be able to get the same pattern in pink please"

I said "All is Well" to my friend and ran away…not sure what happened to the poor lad!

-- You all guessed it right, the friend was me :-(