Wednesday, June 30, 2010

55 FiCtIoN - CrAsH

Most of you know what 55 fiction means. It means nothing, a bunch of letters formed into a set of words, compiled to a sentence and the sentence formed to a paragraph of good for nothing fiction which does not mean anything but something. If I dont stop here, no one will read the actual post... so go ahead read it pleaseee... dont mind me


One Fine morning and a big CRASH

It was RED everywhere

Hell broke lose and there was complete chaos everywhere

Everyone ran around wild with fear

Recovery seemed very bleak

Some were screaming on the phone as well

It will be a day to forget for many

Headlines " Biggest Stock Market Crash of the year"

Friday, June 25, 2010


These days am having so many ideas to write that I could not find even one to post it up. Anyways so I made some digging in the Internet where there are plenty of weirdos like us.

So instead of a long and boring post I thought ll share
a recent article which I came across.

Now the son has mentioned his mother is adorable,affectionate,lovely,hard worker ...blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oh yes agree, so as per the rules of eBay once an item is sold to the highest bidder, it means SOLD. So any of you having lousy MOM's out there, can bid. It takes so much of the generous factor to sell of your mom.

The bid was placed at a opening price of £1 and the highest it reached was £1.60 ,and her son has framed the woman to be priceless. Can he even insult her more? and the Item condition is mentioned to be USED....OMG!!! A Perfect mother's day gift indeed.

Never realised how broadminded people can be... sniff sniff :(! Happy weekend fellas , ll be back with a much better ribtickler next time.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

WhO iS tHe BeSt FiT....!

Yet another post on fitness and the aero-dynamic bodies!There is an other message at the end of this post as well :) !Each one of us aim to build a physique so that our profile pic on facebook has so many comments, some of us tend to work out till the gym lights go out.(me)

So I have put up some of the pictures of the celeb's/models/people/actors whom we try to imitate and work out.
ArNoLd :
His physique has been the dream for so many for decades. In this attempt they even try to pose with underwear's regardless of the body they build, like the next wannabe.Plenty of aspirants out there don't know how to pronounce his surname, but they still are a Arnold wannabe.

SuRyA : This Guy
brought a revolution in the Tamil movie industry, his six pack in Varnam Ayiram made several South Indian actors and people all over south India to work out heavily. My six pack is duly dedicated to Surya as he charged me up with his diet and physique. Note : There is no humor in my statement,so that makes it true.

KaReEnA : Size zero means Zero marks in a relationship, after the big zero she gave to Shahid
she turned her focus towards something called Size Zero Pepsi bottle label shape. Most of the women hood practice being Kareena. Oh I mean in giving Zeroes in relationships... not the body

TeRrOr RoMeO RaJeNdAr : Easiest shape to build, now that's what you might think. But this youngster (he claims himself in an interview) has been trying to bring this shape ever since his old age :) ! Rumor is that Tsunami broke out years earlier when he started to worked out in the mid of Indian Ocean.Known as Single Pack Tsunami!

AaMiR : 8 Packs of steroids...I mentioned that by mistake sorry. OK, Aamir
's Ghajini look made all the aunties go GAGA and soak in jollu.

cApTaIn : He is known as The Captain in TN after his
heroic fight against Pakistan terrorists, Election disruptor's,gundas, and old ladies. In order to fight against the evil you ought to build a shape that terrorizes the opponent and he perfectly carved himself.He was the oldest trend setter in Cops academy that, its not mandatory for cops to be fit.

wHo : Probably the one physique or shape that we all never desire, nor did the kid.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

50 ! wHo'z cOnTeNt

Well I thought ll try doing some informative humour instead of my usual blabber...

Politician - I have 3000 crore in my benami and fraudulent a/c's.
--> What do I want: More money, Another MP seat to screw yu , but remember its by the people, to the people for the people.
-->Blame: Opposition party, aam janata, The rich and mortal farmers.

IT felon - I earn 5 lakh per anum and wear Adidas sh
oes, multiplex, Weekend parties, Free abroad trips, Monkey,Bunji and company jumping/year.
-->What do I want : More, More, More .. Money, Car, Babe,
-->Blame : Damn the company, manager and everyone for not givin me hike, claims, onsite!

Cricketer - I own a Hummer, Whole country on my ass, babe
s, $$$$$, and best of all I don’t get to pay tax.
-->What do I want: Hundred or Duck, I want my butt in the team and no criticism from media nor you public morons.
-->Blame: ooo IPL money hurts, my back, my groin, my injuries, Media, My Bat, ball, Australian team, catching!

I - "Look at him, wanna be like him"
He: " I wanna be like them"
They : " I want, I want, I want..."

HaRy Blogger - I have 49 posts with sarcasm and so called humour.
-->What does he want: Wanna be like J K Rowling, Chetan , without any creativity.
-->Blame : Busy work, taking too much stress, Blah Blah..., Recession ( don’t know why!)

Boy in Pic - Newspaper morning, washing cars, bring tea, posters, night street side shops.
-->What does he want : I want to study, I want to play, I want to laugh, I want a shirt.
-->Blame: who?..Brahma? The creator?

We have so much in Life we never realise how gifted we are... Live the moment and relish with what you have.

Finally I've managed to write 50 posts without any ranting, rumbling and no nonsense about myself. Thank you my dear blog buddies, for bearing my blah blah and much more to come!

Happy weekend fellas