Sunday, April 27, 2014

55 Fiction - 2 oF uS

Ah lazy Sunday afternoon, I was going through all the blogs of my fellow bloggers and see that they have matured over time, leaving me far behind in what was supposed to be called as blogger world. So enough of this writers block already, I stood up and went down the hallway to take a refreshing bath to clear my mind before I start blog blahhing, well Chennai’s water shortage played spoilsport and so here am I yapping away this 55 fiction amidst all filth and freshness, so yes if this blog leaves you with absolute confusion… blame Chennai metro water

55- fiction – 2 of us

"We never seemed to like each other
Never could we agree on anything for we were bound by selfimposed morals
The world saw us as opposite pieces of God’s creation
Now after thousands of years
Chaos of greed has brought us together
We exist within you and I as one,
We are Good and Bad! "

Well, you may ask why the picture of "Lord of rings smeagol"? Who better than this weird looking amigo to describe the good and bad that lies deep within us! 
Right, the sun has really got into me now!! water... water...!