Friday, February 10, 2017

The routine called culture

A Software Guy's take on culture:

Ok, so here’s the topic to blog about: “My Culture, My Pride”, rather a generalized topic which would require 2-3 hours of Google and Wikipedia I thought. So let’s turn off Wi-Fi and start dabbling with what the word Culture would mean to a normal IT professional. Does it mean the Diwali holidays with an extended Work from Home option? Or the Ethnic wear day during Pongal where we nervously wear those Dhoti’s? , or is it the time we start plotting our country’s flags all over the  workplace? The list is endless, on introspect all of the mentioned above is a part of our tradition’s outcome, a system of celebrating the way we are.
Working in an IT organization has its perks, the multi-cultural atmosphere manifests itself with diverse people, environment, food, greetings etc. We might be the people who celebrate the wonderful festival of Navaratri at office by ordering Pizza, but not before sharing homemade Laddus, Halwas with our colleagues. Doesn’t matter if your North Indian friend takes trouble in pronouncing Pongal, he still musters it up and you return it with a glee.
Our customers and onsite counterparts are no different, to them our country has a gazillion festivals with trillion holidays and we worship billion Gods. True by every word and that’s how as much as we are diverse the whole world understands that it’s the vibe called culture that brings us together. One such instance during Diwali the customers thought they should do their homework before and came up with the best possible way to greet us, Indians in the company by serving Indian sweets and we as the service Industry decided to bring upon Diwali in western way by greeting them with Cakes and Donuts. It’s evident irrespective of what race you might be, the culture teaches you to love and respect each other, which comes by routine and not upon enforcement. That my dear friends, is my… no “Our Culture, our pride”.