Monday, May 31, 2010

oF CaLoRiEs & WeIgHt...!

Two of my favourite bloggers - Neha and Bindu(better known as Insignia - , Neha has already written a guest post in my blog and now its Insignia's turn :)! so she whirled around with quite a post which I always used to have nightmares of.... Thanks Bindu... exactly the post I was planning to write...:)!

How many of you have been elated reading your weight and satisfied with your kgs? Raise your hands....No cheating!! Be honest.

Not many eh? Is it not each one's secret desire to lose weight? I guess the most hated machinery in this world would be the poor little weighing machine.It is a technological marvel. Why not? That poor little machine can earn the wrath of so many people, it could witness jubilation or it could get cursed. Now which other machine has this privilege?

Almost everyone has that intense desire to shed some flab, lose weight. What with the fashion world claiming size zero is the in-thing!! But there's a slim chance, or should I say a FAT chance that most of us would reach the desire body weight!! But hey!! what is the harm in trying?

Talking about the emotions that arises, you could see all types and forms of expressions. There's some qualm always before stepping onto the weighing machine. Nervous, you close your eyes with hope and silently pray that the needle points to the number you want it to. And then you reluctantly look down to read the scale, first there is denial!! How can it be!! Then despair, anger and frustration. And abuses and curses to the weighing machine first.

You question its precision and genuineness and then realization pours in. You then start cursing the devil in you which taunted you to gorge on those cheesy snacks and those chocolate cakes. All the while, the poor weighing machine earnestly looks for some appreciation for being honest. But what it gets is a stare!!

And most times, we believe that the machine is not right, so we tend to calibrate it manually by slightly adjusting ourselves until the needle reads to what we desire. And very rare is the jubilation and excitement of having achieved what we wanted. Oh yeah!! its short lived though. Weight is like a boomerang, it always comes back to you!!

Sometimes the machine adds few kilos as a compliment and sometimes it gives you discount. Discount is what is preferred here. I recently came across a joke where the lady in question removes everything from her shoes until she is almost nude to get her weight right. You see; the shoes, the dress are all 'accessories' which hinders you from getting your correct reading.

Few of my friends step onto the weighing machine and protect the secret magic number so much so that you feel that the number is a secret code to an enormous amount of wealth. Few people believe that weight changes with season, so they tend to weigh themselves in their favorable season. Few others believe counting your calorie intake might keep check on your weight. Fine!! but is it only yours or others as well, even if they didn't want to?

This is what happened at a recent birthday celebration of two of my team members. One of them had lost 26 kilos by hook or by crook. There were cakes cut and this man instead of gorging on his cake, kept commenting about how much calorie would that piece of cake have. It was really disturbing, couldn't gorge on those cakes. It was short lived, as we later ignored and treated ourselves.......

None giving a thought about the weights or the calories :-) 

 PS : Thank you for reading everyone. A few comments on this post made me realize that people are thinking Hary wrote this; but I am the author of this post. Its a guest post by me - Insignia :-)


Ayswarya said...

Mr. Calorie Calculator plsss... I love cheesey stuffs and choc stuffs!!! Pls dont create heart break for me... nice one mate :) much appreciated!!!

Being Pramoda... said...

**I guess the most hated machinery in this world would be the poor little weighing machine.

hahah.. whats a lovely thought!!

hii Hary hw r u? ur posts always leave me in smiles..:) another hilarious one buddy.. keep writing..:)

Shilpa said...

Thats least people should eat their b'day cake even if they are on a diet freak!

Shesha Chaturvedi said...

hey HARRY and Bindu, I would call this post an important one, more than being interesting. Wrote it really well. Glad you wrote it, it was even in my to do list to write something about it. Most of the times, i have this calorie discussion with my cousins, who have gained so much weight recently. it will be mean to tell them calorie intake per bite but important to tell them they need to lose.
P.S. eating is fun. as one of my aunt(my father's sis) used to say "some people eat to live, and some live to eat" so every human has a different passion ;)

Nithya said...

Ha ha ha.. Bindu, thats a good one yaar.. Very interesting and so so so damn true. ;)

But I am one specimen who always enjoys climbing on the machine. Cause it never shows beyond 50kgs ;)I am not sure if I am lucky or cursed too much that nothing that I eat makes me fat ;) mom says its vena(Sins) ;) what so ever I enjoy the 50kg Tajmahal feel ;)

Hary... waiting for your rib tickles too.. come on don't be lazy..

Insignia said...


Thanks for the introduction. I am glad that I am one of your favorite blogger :-)

Insignia said...


Hope you did not miss the introduction. This is a guest post by me - Insignia :-)

And I assume the appreciation was for me :-) Thank you.

Insignia said...

Being Pramoda,

Did this post leave you in smiles? Thanks mate, By the way its a guest post by me - Insignia.

Thanks buddy. I always think that the weighing machines are the most hated ones, next are the work-out machines :-)

Insignia said...


People must be privileged to eat their own cake, you see :-)

Insignia said...


Thanks a lot. I agree with you, its important to watch what we eat.
But this was on a lighter note :-)

Insignia said...


Thanks a ton. I am glad you liked it. Lucky you!!! The machine never crosses happy, the machine happy :-D

Hahahaha, you are indeed 50 kg Tajmahal

Thousif Raza said...

good one insignia.... you have your 'perks' all rgt ;)

nice one :)

i had a nice time reading it :)

take care and keep writing..........

Madhu said...

Hary could never have written this..i KNEW it! insignia..well written..:)

Neha said...

hey there!

though i feel size zero is the most IN thing i am a total foodie and won't think of the world if something yummylicious is put in front of me!!

cool post!


Amity said...

Hmmm...liked this post HaRy!

Weighing scale and calories? I hated them several years, but lately, was able to come to terms with it!

Clock is ticking so fast, I don wanna miss the good food, high calories or not, I don wanna die not tasting the good things in life ~ food of much to my liking n addiction...chocolates, cakes, ice creams...i'd be a damn fool if I won't!

Congrats Insignia...:) Nice post!

Bikramjit said...

Now i know its the MACHINE.. all machines fault ..

I have given up on weight management now .. SO what i do now is try to maintain what i have .. i eat drink what i want to then I moan why i did that .. then i run a extra mile JOB DONE... easy peasy

Nice article ...

Rajlakshmi said...

lolzzz the rate which my weighing scale is playing games with me... i would soon be in one of the category mentioned... nice post Insignia :)

Rajlakshmi said...

lolzzz the rate which my weighing scale is playing games with me... i would soon be in one of the category mentioned... nice post Insignia :)

suruchi said...

*Sigh, sigh*
Like it or hate it...attempt it or ignore it...
There’s no getting away from it, is it?
Well put Insignia!:-)

CutePriya said...

i am so scared of the weighing machine that i don't even step on it....Kudos to thos who dare to..Nice post :)


Hey funny post...first time on ur blog....weign machine can really be a frigthing thing for sum ppl...whn I was a kid I used to be really fat now I am normal sorts....compltely relate with ur post

sm said...

one should be careful about eating.

Insignia said...


Thank you. Glad you liked it. :-)

Insignia said...


:-) Thank you.

Insignia said...


Its not the IN thins, its all media gimmick. :-)

Insignia said...


:-) Most of us do hate those poor machines. chocolate, cakes, ice creams...drrrooooooooollllll

Insignia said...


Hahahahaha. Sour grapes story!!

Yes, extra workout when eaten extra. Maintain!! thats the key.

Insignia said...


Most of us are :-) thank you.

Insignia said...


Exactly!! they are here and they will stay. No escape!

Insignia said...


Hahahaha. Maybe you should try stepping on it sometime. :-)

Insignia said...


Thank you. First time on Hary's blog? Nice. Continue reading him. And by the way, this was a guest post by me :-)

Insignia said...


Yes, but unfortunately most of us are not!

Megha Sarin said...

Haha. Hillarious. So true.
People dread this and sulk over it.
But being a fitness freak, once it gets into your head and you will always watch what goes in your mouth.