Friday, October 9, 2009

bLuNt SuPeRsTiTiOn'S

This post as my disclaimer goes, is basically aimed at complete warp humor and not to target any one's personal belief!

1. The Black Cat crossing the Road is considered a Bad Omen when you start somewhere - Oh yeah poor one with nine lives, I can send a Black cat everyday to trot in front of my Boss's house:)

2. Do not sneeze or cough or exclamation when someone leaves for a journey - Last time I had to sneeze and controlled so hard, otherwise my uncle's US trip wud have been cancelled bcos i sneezed? Or wat :)

3. Do not cut your hair or Shave on Tuesdays/Fridays - Now what ll happen if I have an interview on a Friday/Tuesday? I dread that!

4. Do not sneeze odd no.of times when some one is going out - Hmmm, can throw some pepper on the squeezer's(there is such a word rite?) nose, so he can sneeze again.But if he sneezes twice to make it ODD, then God help.

5. Going Beneath a Ladder is not a good Omen - So push the ladder, even if someone is on the top painting something, throw him your day will be bliss.Not sure abt him.

6. Eating curd before Exams bring good luck - Now am a topper as well ( now its up to yu guys to believe it) , used to score 100% in all the subjects( My alter ego is abusing me) , but then i never have touched curd my entire is that? (agree there is scientific fact for coooling..but how does it work for me :-) .he he

7. T.Rajendar enters politics - Now that's the best superstition or comedy piece...and am not sure why i put this here.

8. If your head bumps with another person a black dog might bite yu later / Horns might grow on your head, so bump again with the same person - My Friend who saw this in the Genelia movie, thought he can bump into a number of gals and take this excuse to bump again, but ended up bummed in his nose.

9. Hiccups indicate someone is thinking of you - So its better you go and see the person who is thinking of you rather than drink water.

10. Opening an Umbrella indoors bring bad luck - So most of the cine actress's life is ruined and have only bad luck.

11. This is the worst one - Girl forced to marry a DOG

Well most of them are harmless, such as senti - watches, dress, jewels, pen, soo many.... but the one's that can be the turning point in one's life..God save them!

Guess each of you have your own experiences...:D share them guys!


Neha said...

hehehe, a very funny one I can think husband told me ths...when he was young, they used to say if your head bumps with another person odd number of times, and you don't bump it again, you will get a horn on ur head...and telling me this was one of his biggest mistakes...I tried doing it once, he bumped his head the second time with me, and now all our friends know this about him thanks to me :D

PS: I have named him unicorn btw...

Ekam said...

I believe in this.I don't know if this is called superstition .This is it. I am sure. Sometimes I have this feeling that if something good is to happen in coming hours or coming days and I know about that, I don't talk about that with anybody. Here 'anybody' can be friends, family, anybody.
Just a random case, I know that next Monday will be an off from my office and I am damn sure about that. But I won't discuss it with anybody till the final call comes. If by any chance , I disclose that,chutti would be cancelled.
I don't know why I feel so. But there have been so many such cases like this and now I have started believing in this :D

Insignia said...

Its a bad/good sign if a lizard falls on you - bad or good depends on where it falls and at what time!!

Poor thing, it would have been scared to death slipping off from the wall and tumbling. And we here attach an omen to it

And to this one - Bad omen if black cat crosses the road. What if every other animal starts thinking that its a bad omen if we human beings cross their paths???

Nithya said...

Ha ha ha.. super post. I love it. :)

point 7 is kewl.. ;)

Point 8 is slightly different in the film - she says you would grow horns on your head. ;)

Mom used to say it would rain heavily if I eat raw rice. Let me do some good to Chennai by doing it. what do u say?! ;)

Asking a person "yenga poreenga?" (where are your going?) when they leave is a bad sign and the work they go for will be a big flop is the belief. I personally love this one.. I don't have to explain things to people when I leave. ;)

Ankita said...

nice one! India is a land of superstitions, I myself believe in some of them but not in the times of emergency or when some work need to be done urgently :P

Unknown said...

1 . Be the first person to comment on a new post, it brings you luck.....then everyone writes a post and immediately writes his own comment..

2. Do not approve comments on Saturdays.

3. We should not copy other's topics on tuesdays and fridays

4. Do not write a new post in someone's laptop.

5. Make sure that your topic will have odd number of comments, always.

6. Your name and topic name should not start with same letter. Else, you wont get selected for blog-a-ton award.

7. Blogs with two columns will have tough time in the month of January

8. One should not read others blog on full moon day.

9. Do not join if the 'follow on' widget is above 'about me' widget.

10. One should not write more than 9 comments.

bliss said...

yeah, these are the superstitions we live with everyday. most of them have no base but yet, its such a habit to follow them that life seems half as fun cuz of these things!!! i have one too!!! if u see one yellow beaked bird, it means sorrow, two birds mean joy, three mean letter and four is for money!!!! :P

Shruti said...

Hey i remember an instance when my friend who was about to attend an interview, stumped on something. I went there to take her for the interview. Immediately her granny came and told it is not good to go out after u stumped on something. Immediately she went inside and came with a glass of water and Ashes(Viboodhi). She applied ashes all through her forehead that fell on her rose powdered cheeks and i immediately told 'eeks'
She turned around,stared at me and made my fren drink the entire water!!

I felt it to be a horrible practice that we follow!

Unknown said...

hey a very nice post..... funny....

last point.. girl made to marry a dog.... its ridiculous..

u know ur very correct about the kevalamana superstition... dont cut your hair on tuesdays and fridays.. and here all idiots and fools are following it.. so most of the barber shop remains closed on fridays...

Raj said...

i could do with a black cat and so would so many of my friends. 9lives 4 9 teachers. teachers make lives they say, we will make hollidays. :P

HaRy!! said...

~Neha.. ha ha i'd have put yur comment as an example then :D!!Unicorn?? wat has he named yu then?? funny couple yu guys...njoi we have a Nostradamus within our reach....hmm i do have heard ppl exclaim like this..didnt believe them initially, but yeah now that yu say....does it work only with respect to yu?

HaRy!! said...

~Bindu...intha kelvi i hav thought many a time...poor lizard and meow....they are the victims actually whereas we think we are the victims bcos they crossed our path! damn! these wise men!

~Nithya...ya ya point7 like i said..dont know y i put it up here:) and yeah pls keep eating raw rice then!Chennai'il oru mazhai kalam only then..oh yeah yenga poringa...i totally forgot this one!! this is classic is'nt it!! my grandparents used to exclaim all the time!

HaRy!! said...

~Oye Mahesh... yu made all this up are yu actually a avid follower of all this piece!! nice piece of advice on it!! ha ha luv every bit, esp i shud not read blogs on a full moon day :D !! ha ha...watz gonna happen dude!! cant imagine only!! ll become a werewolf

HaRy!! said...

~Bliss..... o i wanna see 4 birds ..ok lemme go ovr to the bird sanctuary :)!! ll see many 4's soo i can get sooo much money!

~Shruti.... oh dear for yur frnd!! pavam aval! I know some are very ridiculous and they try to suck bits of our routine said...periya vanga ithu yelam soli irukanga....who are the periya mokaai avanga!! aal aalu nalu pondati vechikitu wise thoughts sola varanga!

Meow said...

LOL @Mahesh Kalal.. good and funny stuff out here :) Btw, you forgot to mention about RAAGHU KAALAM, YAMA KANDAM & KULIGAI stuffs man :P

Anonymous said...

You summed up all the points really well. It's funny because I thought only my mom applied 'em on me but it seems to be universal now. About the nail cutting thing, I've been waiting to drive away all fridays and tuesdays :|

Awesome write up =)
Loved it :)

Rajlakshmi said...

Lolzz my mother believes a lot of superstition specially reg nazar ..

Every time i go home she would tie a black thread on my hand.. To ward off the evil eye :) n not to mentiön the usual stuffs :)

Yellow Tulip said...

1. is it right to left crossin r vice a versa!!:)..he he...

2. artificial sneeze chalega!!...

3.he he..nooo coment on this one..

4.3rd goes with this to make it even!!...

5. now this i never heard of before...:)...hmmm i wod definitely not want to be tat painter!!

6.he he...:)...wats the scientific reason!!

7.not tat into politics...who cares!!

8.:)..ha ha.haaasini!!...did u try!!?good movie though:)

9.hmmm hw will u know who's missin to go n see tat person?!!

10.if fame money and lots of travel is bad luck i wod'nt mind it:)...he he

11.tats cruel:(...n not nice...even heard of marrying a girl to tree, ...donkey etc...:(...not good

Ayswarya said...

hey 8th point is true ... horns ll grow up on ur head... serious ah... u ve to do even no of times... anyways u urself have told me thatz cute... so its not applicable here :) :)

HaRy!! said...

~Shankar.... yeah yeah...mokai thanamana superstitions these ppl believe in...yeah 8th point i read it in Google...poor lil gal..ena koduma ithu yelam..she hardly knows wats happening!

~Scarlet...he he teacher will hav a ruf time then!! chalo lets make holiday :)

HaRy!! said...

~Sowmi... oh no i shud hav asked this after all yu are a aval, eval..iyer aathu ponnu and yu'd hav known more...cha..those are pretty mad stuff pa.....

~Anamika...he he yeah...all yester gen ppl are like that..thankfully our next generation need not believe and there after it will be possibly extinct !

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. good collection and too funny :) I remember our headmaster never believed in these stuff so he would make sure that all the exams start on tuesday (a work that is started on tuesday will never become fruitful..remember?)

Madman said...

that LOL cat is sure LOLLU cat

lakshmi said...


yes so many meaningless and illogical superstitions to rack the brains of human beings

your post though brings a smile on the face of the readers

Unknown said...

lol..i remember all these that u said.Theres one in particualr that my folks use.If u trip at the door step before u leave home,u will never return home..i mean!How ridiculous is that?? I trip almost every second day[am always in a hurry when i wear the straps of my sandals...but then i come home too ryt??

regarding superstitions,if a black cat crosses my way..i may retreat for a sec and then carry on.Cauz i guess its the mental block that exists and all such rubbish has been ingrained in our heads for a long time..:P

Neha said...

putting my comment as an example? well well try it it doesn't make fun of me ;)))) my poor husband will sulk for an hour or two, and I will enjoy tht too :D

Pooja Mahimkar said...

hey thats a humorous post. and i agree we have really weird superstitions :P

nice post!

Archana said...

Haha cute silly list. :) That Genelia one, I swear, I watched that movie and it was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Seriously, if some random guy bumped heads with me and then told me if we didn't bump head again it was bad luck, I would run in the opposite direction. Bumping heads hurts, lol, why would anyone want to do that twice?

Indians and our superstitions, lol. I've actually heard that one about haircuts before. I wonder how that one got started, lol.

Mademoiselle Deva said...

hahaha! you made me laugh!!! I had no idea about Tuesday/Friday thing... and I had interview on Friday and I wasn't selected - what a drag!!! the same with AC on Tuesday like a year ago... what a drag! Fuck!

Miss Always Carried Away is former Deva84, I changed a bit look of my blog. So I followed ideas and I changed my name too!

Escapist said...

That's awful.....

Enjoyed till end..


Anonymous said...

I invent my own superstitions. The recent one being “Don’t watch NDTV headlines on early morning.”

Unknown said...

i dont know how u forgot to mention these 2..

1.if 3 people get out of the house to do an important job, then that job wont happen..
namba bashaila sollanum na..
moondru peru poneenga na kaariyam orupata madiri dan..

2. rain will come if u marry a donkey.. y dont u perform rain dance..

i think u know barbers are closed on tuesdays.. i purposefully do haircut on fridays and wen i come mom doesnt serve breakfast.. so in order to get food i'll jus tell that i wont take bath..;)..

ekta khetan said...

Hey Hary that is absolute tongue-in-cheeky. I completely agree with you and I have faced/seen them all sometime or always. In fact, some years back there was a similar feature on History channel I guess where they have addressed various superstitious beliefs and with analysis on the actual underlying reasons.

There are other beliefs like Friday the 13th [I ve even written a blog on it], wearing certain colors on certain occasions by certain ppl, Nameology[I still could not understand that what good do u get by twisting ur name to bizarre formations]

If I go by what people says then-
1. I would never be able to wash/cut my hairs
2. I could never cut my nails
3. I will be a selfish person to wait for someone else to walk the path where “kali billi ne rasta kaata”.
4. Some people proposed my parents for my hand for their son and asked for birthdate, time etc and later got shocked to suddenly discover that I am half manglik
5. I might have a heart attack trying to suppress my sneeze.
6. A lot of people will be hiccupping all through the day and night

The dog thing reminds me of that movie “welcome to sajjanpur” where the fiery Divya Dutta was made to marry a black dog to ward off her “mangalik” status. It was one of the cheesiest movie I have seen off late with superlative performances by ILA arun etc. A must watch movie kyonki “Hamara life kono life nahi hai kya”?

I am wondering what the girl who got married to a dog would be called. Is it how we have this expression “son of the bitch”?

Anonymous said...

I have a simple question to ask....why only a poor black cat??
why not blue orange or green??

and I thought horns would grow on your head if u keep bumping your heads with others'

kanagu said...

LOL machi.... too good :)

Enjoyed everything.. and importantly this one..

/*Do not sneeze odd no.of times when some one is going out - Hmmm, can throw some pepper on the squeezer's(there is such a word rite?) nose, so he can sneeze again.But if he sneezes twice to make it ODD, then God help.*/

u r rocking man.. :)

Pramoda Meduri said...

hi Hary,

one more hilarious read .. heheh .. but the superstitions mentioned in it hurts alott sometimess...

i do have experiences wth the first three very often..:(..haha i dont believe such things, but the thing is whenevr i entered the exam hall, i used o sneez, and used to fear about someone who believes the sneez kind of thing ...:(...

i used to sneez for almost all exams, as i had synus problem, and when i walk faster and i stop in hal, i used to get a sneez... hehehe haliarious .. nahii ???

:) ...

NR said...

lol...opening umbrella indoors is bad luck!! First time i came across this!! Superstitions are more with the older people as these days youth dont believe them!!

Harini said...

hehehe... U missed the bird flying over your head.

Ok a confession, I do that Hiccups thingy. No we dont visit but if i drink water and eat sugar and nothing helps, I start to take out names of people who might be thinking and it works :P.

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

lolz :D
U missed out some more pa :)
do continue it in the future posts na ;)
Some supersitions i remember are

1.Do not apply hair oil immediately after bath coz it will affect ur parents :P
2.Do not give money to people on fridays :D
3.Do not start a journey on sunday or you will have a tough day ( tamil la sollanum na Nathikilamai kilambuna Nai patta padu )
4.The eldest son should not go to the terrace when there is lightning

avalo dan pa ipathiku nyabagam iruku...

anyways gr8 post
keep blogging

Manju said...

ahhhhhh people and their silliness...
LOl i thought opening an umbrella indoors meant that you'd never get married! i did it once and got such a terrible scolding from a random old lady >_<''
so i'll probably die as an old nun duhhh lmao

HaRy!! said...

~Rajlakshmi... he he...everyone is a victim...are'nt they! :)..we cant help with this!

~Yellow.... wow thanks for the @ yur replies...and yeah the scientific fact seems to be that it cools of one's mind before entering the exam hall as it reduces the tension and makes us to perform better...i read it somewhere..then how did i fare of well :)!gal marrying a tree!! now thats even more stupid!

HaRy!! said...

~Ayusu... i know wat !! but wat if it grows on yu? he he he!atha than kekuren

HaRy!! said...

~Evan... heh heh dude....we didnt have such a headmaster...but had a staff..who wore same saree for all seminar's so that she takes them well..we called her..stinky stinky :)

~Venky...ama boss!!

~Lakshmi...danx...glad to do that!! hope to c ya around

HaRy!! said...

~Madhu...oh yeah...i remember these things!! oh my so clumsy all the time..if thats the case...i'd still be sitting ducks everywhere :)!! so much false notion and nothing else and yeah..mental block indeed!

~Neha.... he he...dont mind do yu? :)

~Pooja...sure yes!

HaRy!! said...

~Archana... Join de club yes!! somethings are this head bumping, they are all harmles and funny its OK with those..but when yu take the rest of them seriously to follow up..then starts all the chaos!oh yeah haircut and shaving is something serious that here its followed!..he was the ATP?

~Miss.. oh yeah Tues/Friday a big time prob here!! no wonder so many ppl miss their time:)! oh okie...noted deva!

HaRy!! said...

~Esc... danx!! cya around

~Vani..ho ho i support yur point!

~NR... oh yeah yu said it...its possibly older!! i wanna see the wise men who invented these!

swati said...

i am not superstitious at all..bit ask my mom and she wud come up with a list of superstitions..rather I intentionally do the opposite like if a cat passes by i go in the same direction,or i cut my nails on tuesdays and other prohibited days in front of her so as to show her that it is nothing than a mere blockage of thinking..but she has given me full right to follow whatever i want to and that why i love her. :)

HaRy!! said...

~Vishnu... munu peru senthu senja velai sure ah work agathu :) yeah i remember this, and donkey and rain are dosth kya?lol abt the haircut, i know my mom does not allow me as well, i can only but laugh abt this notions and yu frighten like that!! ha ha...apo kulichiya ilaya?

HaRy!! said...

~Ekta..Thats a kutty(small) blog yu hav written:),danx and yeah i mite hav asked yu guys to suggest more of these.Yep i agree weird none are able to trace the origin of these superstitions and the answer remain the same
as our wise ancestors came up with these! Now thats funny!! The Name changing racket is the biggest amusement , forgot to mention that yes! , Oh yeah heart attack for sure or rather i'd burst thru my ears if i try to control
my sneezing:) Hav'nt heard of that movie...but sure i'd watch that now! My only question is if these are followed long back when there is not much technology advancement...y follow this even now when we are in tech era!..dumb.! thanks for the long comment!

HaRy!! said...

~RSV...colourful cat eh?yeah horns will grow for sure!! try bumping man !! :)

~Kanagu....he he Macha...arasiyala ithu yelam sagacham appa....nama munorgal pana comedies ithu yelam

HaRy!! said...

~Pramoda...Oh yeah its ok as most of them are harmless when you dont take them on a serious note, but when you take this up seriously and do accordingly then cant imagine the outcome..change in destiny? ha ha lol abt yur many cursed yu then? how can we control sneezing? my ears will burst otherwise! yu hav cured the mystery of hiccups then!! publish it over the net..yu'll be a celeb overnight:)!! oh yeah i missed that bird comedy as well ..cya around gal!

HaRy!! said...

~Satish... ha ha tamil la sollanum na Nathikilamai kilambuna Nai patta padu - ithu nala nyabagam iruku...sakka comedy ithu, and yeah the lightening...i was never allowed to go out! room potu yosichi irupangalo nama periya vanga...
so can i send my lil bro out on the 56th floor with a steel rod? when lightening strikes and he can return safe! ena koduma ithu? he he...danx bro

~Manju....ahhh..wondering where yu dissapeared without commenting :)!! yu an old nun!! lol i dont think so...hmmm so wat'll happen if a married woman holds an umbrella? she won't get married again? lol that one!

Niranjana Nammalvar said...

Hey I do believe in certain things but not the ones you have listed.

I always wear a green dress when I go for exams. Till date this is continuing and you know I have got 12 sets of green dress with me!!

Unknown said...

"but then i never have touched curd my entire Life...."
maybe you would had used spoons!:P

my superstitions:
*If i start early somewhere or If im perfect,I believe that I may meet an obstacle such that whole work gets spoiled.SO i always start late and do a work for only 90%.
*If I'm happy,I fear something big aapu is around the corner.So I fear happy moments(This I have changed now,but still a small percent lingers)
*If I'm not without worry or tension,I feel I have amnesia or entered into an alter ego.:O

Blunt Edges said...

"BLUNT superstitions!" the topic really caught my attention! ;)

nice read!

Vishy said...

Hi Hary, I had posted a new item, please go thru.


Benny said...

Anna super post..There r so many superstitious beliefs ah? I dint know a few which u wrote..I dont believe these,but attimes some incidents make us believe that! :( N u too dont eat curd :O even I dont..may be I gues it s time to amend the superstitious rule as "those who dont eat curd r brilliant ppl on earth" :P cheers anna:)

HaRy!! said...

~Swati..there are quite a lot of ppl who do the opposite way..dont they:)? yet as if nothing is wrong we tend to get things we wished rite...gud to know yur mom still does not mind them ;)!

~Niranjana...yeaaaaa those are cute sentiments and totally harmless rite! 12 dress same colour ah!!! adanga oka makka ;)!! green morning, greenungooo

HaRy!! said...

~Sri...Spoons ah? naane mokai...nee enaku melaya? he he f9 f9. yeah me too when happy i can always smell something worse is round the corner...put in hardwork and screw the superstitions!

~Blunt Edges.....fair enuf...wondering why it caught yu late! :)

HaRy!! said...

~Vishy...wil chk out...cya

~Benny..Hey Bro...curd sapadathavanga elaruma..periya arivu jeevi nu i think ;-)! yenga ezhuthave ilaya?

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AS said...

mere comment ka reply kahan hai???


HaRy!! said...

~A S... whoa very sorry as i hav started to sum up the comments...i missed a few...very sorry mate :( .and yur answer yeah...i do believe in some sentiments...that are fun..but when some dumb belief's are made to follow they hinder yur life in every aspect!

Ankita said...

hii Hary
happy diwali

Novice Writer said...

lol! That was hilarious!
Reminds me of these two superstitions: The dreams that you see early in the morning will come true..Another one is, if you have a nightmare, you should share it with someone or it will come true!! Thats why I share all my crazy dreams;-p

Niranjana Nammalvar said...

Yeah if there are 10 exams..daily I need to wear a new dress rite?? So only I have 12 dress in same color!

Valerine said...

Well I think its all a state of mind!

- Sugar Cube - said...

Lol..haha! Good one!
Kinda love reading superstition bashing ;)
Although I myself follow some.But thats plain psychology.Quite heavy :P

I do know some of the logic behind some of these.Like why you sldn't cut your hair on Thursdays..( or whichever day it is ) but again the logic too is connected with something that is not going to be quite digestible , so I won't explain :P

Thx for visiting =)

Archie said...

The worst thing about the bizzare wedding article is:

Interestingly, the girl is free to get married later in life to a man without even seeking a divorce

What was he thinking when he wrote that!

The best superstition I can think of is from a goundamani comedy (Nari mogathula mulicha kaasu vandhudum). If you look at a fox before you set out, you will be successful in your endeavors. nari oru oola udu ma... OO OOO

gayathri vishwanathan said...

hahaha...i am off superstitions now...oh there was one which i never understood...the date 8/8/8 was full of confusion last day...for some it was a bad omen and for some it was a good one...i wonder which 1 of it was applicable for me coz 8th august 2008 was the day when i joined my previous cmpany which was a MNC...good part was that it was a very nice org, bad part was tht d team was told to go within just 4 months

divsi said...

:) good one..esp the curd thingie:p
in skool i was so bloody superstitous durin examzzzz!!! esp where my writin board was concerned...kept usin the battered, worn out half torn writing board till graduation :p:P:P

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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