Friday, November 27, 2009

RuN - 55 FiCtIoN #3

His eyes were burning, Headache as usual.
Enough, Still he had to run ..
They would come for him sooner or later
Everything appeared chaotic before him
He moved his tired hands
Clock chimed 4'o Clock
He checked and realised they still chased him
He ran the program
"CPF5672 : Query failed. " Sigh!

To all those late night working IT people out there... and am sure all are definitely being chased by the team of managers , now please don't smile sarcastically, includes me as well. I agree I gave an impression that I was jobless but those days are gone and blah blah i can talk endlessly without adding any meaning to it.

So Happy Working and Happy Weekend amigos.

Friday, November 20, 2009

BuLlYiNg ThE jUnIoR

This Post surely is not abt ragging and so I ask you all to please refrain from blowing my cover to Interpol. Just a small experience , bunch of friends who show casted their heroics to get dumbness in the return, includes me in the gang.

We have this Open house exhibition annually in college and its the time where most of the students come out with brilliant projects and more studious students like me, keep trotting from project to project and ask questions of no relevance.So we the four of us (Bharath,Hari Venky,Karthi and Me) all in second year of college thought "Damn with the projects" and so set out to proj - hopping asking logical & Dumb questions in all the technical projects and yeah to check out new gals in the neighbourhood. And before all of you assume nasty things about us, we all are put up in decent organizations like Wipro(not a soap company) ,HCL(not just computers they manufacture) , Mindtree( not the restaurant) and also another Entrepreneur(yippee i spelt it right).

After much teasing and questioning around we reached first year block of Information & Technology department where we happened to see all funny projects like Flash games and basic Inventory projects, tsk very easy.Also its a known fact that IT dept is called as Figures(babe's) department as for our department(ECE) its full of Zombie's .

So we went along questioning only projects which bore good looking gals, there was one particular stand where it had two gals(of course good looking) with one guy blah blah 'ing to them, Bharath being the Nice guy his stomach started to burn at the sight of 2:1 ratio that too in First year Block, so pulled all our temper and set to that stand.

Following was the conversation

Bharath : " Hiya , Explain this piece for me" One gal starts blah blah blah abt the project while the guy is still engrossed in a deep kadalai (Tamil slang for nonsense/sense talk between girl and boy).

Karthi : " Whoa, stop! who did this Project"

Gal 1 : " We "

Karthi : " Then why are your mates not here explaining along with yu"

Gal 1 : " Yeah they can, ... but... he"

Me (Interuppting) : " No buts, dai(calling him) and you(to the other girl) come here both"
The guy looks bewildered

Me :" You, come here...are you mad? Nonsense fellow come here, is this dumb project yours?, or are yu working on some project with that gal"
His face boils instead of fear and the gal started to blutter in fear and embarrassment.

H.Venky : " (Pointing at me) Sir kupidarangila(calling you) right? come on in here and talk"

Suddenly in rage the guy sat(obviously he felt insulted in front of the gals), stands up and we realise he was not as short as we thought and instead he is more 6"2 .

Kadalai Guy : " Who are you guys? what do you want... Do you know who I am?"

H.Venky : (With little fear inside) " How dare you speak loud, you dumb first year kadalai party"

Kadalai Guy :" Idiots, am from Final Year Information Technology! Come outside you morons, ll call my pals to show you the treatment"With this he came close, with only exception not holding my shirt collar

Now I recall the images of this guy in Final Year Hostel in the mess with his dhoti and Food Plate! Damn! We all stared at each other blinking and Hari Venki froze in fear the most.

Now Bharath has immense Presence of Mind, he said : " What? we are from PSG college of Engineering, we came here to review all the projects, is this how you guys explain? Lead me to your HOD or Princie"

Kadalai Guy : ( Brief thought) " Ok am busy, of you go" , with this he escaped the scene...

Phew ..big sigh and a great escape, after that we saw him quite often and thankfully either his memory was bleak or he didn't want to show his embarrassment, so he didn't quite bully us.

Friday, November 13, 2009

yOu CaN dO iT !!!

Chandru looked at his hands and realised his old age has caught up well on him . His feeble hands would not allow him do any rusty work . He was trying to plant some sunflower seeds for his grandson who loves them, but stays quite far away in a Foreign land. He did not quite get help from his Son Raghu, who thinks the old man is nothing but a burden. His grandson(Rahul) was returning back in a couple of months and they write between them regularly .Rahul loves his grandfather very much and regrets his Dad for showing disrespect to the old man.

Chandru wrote to his grandson " Dear Rahul Betta, In spite of me trying so hard, am not able to plant the sunflower seeds, which I thought will be so much of a colourful greeting for you. Am not able to dig with my old hands and am very sorry that I am not able to greet you in a colourful way when you arrive. please take care" and he gave the letter to Raghu to get it sent across.

Rahul wrote back " Dear Grandpa, Please do not dig the Garden until I am back, that's where I have hidden something Valuable for you "

Two days later Raghu and his elder son started digging the garden frantically to Chandru's bewilderment. Finally without a word they gave up and left.

Puzzled Chandru wrote back telling Rahul what happened and what to do next.
Reply from Rahul" Go ahead and plant the seeds now.Its the best I could have done for you :) "

No matter where you are in this world, if you decide to do something and deep from within, You can Do it. Belief and thought matters, not where you are nor who the person is!

Happy Weekend everyone...I read a little similar kind of story somewhere and well wrote it with my inspiration :) ! Again sorry and please bear with me if am late in commenting to your posts, lil busy I am ( betcha none would believe that ...:( all the funny impression I created) !

And yes, am waiting for my 100th Follower :) !

Friday, November 6, 2009

sHe FiGhTs - 55 FiCtIoN - 2

Hello all, A big Sorry for not being around your blogs lately as it seems even I need to work someday and that daunting day has turned up :( , so ll be back with my blunt jokes and blogs, of course mokai comments meanwhile wrote my second attempt on 55 fiction, not sure if this was the way 55Fiction queen Shruti wud be impressed with (Shruti are yu reading this? )..anyways here it goes.

Oh and thanks for all the suggestions on Halloween costume, as my friend suggested I already looked like a Halloween geek , but anyways dressed up like Jack Sparrow, but in the end it looked like Crap Sparrow!

Note : 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 55 words.

"She Knew she was strong, she had to fight ,her mouth being her biggest weapon!

As the guy in white came with the deadly sharp monster, she braced and clenched her hands.

She opened her mouth and got ready, suddenly he stuck the sharpness inside her mouth, then he removed her decayed tooth."

Happy Weekend fellas!