Friday, February 19, 2010


Before everyone start wondering what the title has anything to do with the picture, its a token of cupid and you will understand once you read the whole post ( I can make my readers read the whole post!)

Now there are various means of expressing desire... err... love. On Feb 14 Lloyd Floyd jumped 10k feet from the plane to prove his cupid smitten love, only to find that someone has picked his girl already during the wait. Chriz even tried to change his red u*****r(kids read my blog too) to impress his opposite house kelavi (old woman) . Fortunately he found out it was a kelavan(old man) not a kelavi. I have been approached by various girls anywways with letters of love, only to have ask me pass the letter on to my friends.

My neighbour Kid ( 7th standard fella.... nickie as "M") is a quite smart lad and one day he came upto me and said he is deeply in Love with the girl by the street end. Shocked,

Me : "Dei , what is Love?"

Kid : " Love is Kiss" . Double shock. I tried to put some sense by explaining its only for adults and not for kids. But he kept insisting me to say what the difference is and so I started elobarating

Me : " Love is like Puri, as you put it in the Oil & Butter of maya it turns happy and fluffy, but once you take it away, it shrinks" I asked him if he understood anything?

Kid : " I want Puri now" , so I had to take him to Saravana Bhavan to stop his hunger!!

Another fine day he wrote a love letter and brought it to me, said I need to give it to his ladylove. I quite got annoyed but curious i opened the envelope. It had a letter and a YO-YO which was free for Boost but he had half the "free with boost" scratched off.
The letter :


I really mess(miss) you in scool, so i want to tell one secret.

" Love is like Puri , you put in oil and it come out big or small. Big my Love...small also my Love. Eat with Kurma or masala. "

So tick the correct answer

Do you love me?
Yes------> ( kiss for you)
No-------> ( no puri for you) .

I really got half funny and scared. So to humor him i said " Kiss is a very sensitive issue and blah blah blah " , I got three taps from behind , turned around to see the Kid's elder sister glaring at me. Obviously she overheard my kissing detail. "Nice" I said to myself.

The kid's sister tied Rakhi ( Not Rakhi Sawant ...!) 6 months in advance to me. My crush on her crushed!Coming back to the Kid's love story, hmmm he did propose to her after a couple of years and they live happily ever after. They can be spotted in most of the Saravana Bhavan outlets in Chennai eating Puri. Doesn't mean am very old, he was 7 i was 17 so technically now he is 17 and am ...... OK fine! Hey Magesh, hope i haven't revealed your identity....oops!Happy Belated Valentine's day everyone! :D

Thursday, February 4, 2010

iLlUsSiOn & SiGhTiNg

Like Aamir/Surya says in Ghajini " There is a thin line between Confidence and Over - Confidence...blah blah blah" , HaRy preaches in Ribtickle as "There is a thin line between illusion and sight adichifying" , read the post to understand the above line.

The art of Sight Adichifying ( Babe/Dude watching ) came into existence 25 years back in a small town of Tamil Nadu, Salem. Baby gals used to flock from all over the country to visit him. They were amazed at the baby boy, but what striked them most was nature of the baby.You wouldn't believe me if I state the reasons.There are several characteristics which bring the jealousy in other boy babies such as Loyalty,honesty,Patriotism, Truthfulness, smartness, good looking etc.... See , I told none of you would believe me. Until the baby incident happened.

Anyways as decades went by,it transformed from babies, kids, teens and then on to the youth, Am not sure if everyone is wondering who the baby is. Sorry identity concealed.Now the art has spread and its wide known.

This art is particularly little dangerous as if found out, can lead to either blushing, over acting, abusing or even beating from the other end.

Some times illusion plays a bigger part in the eyes of the viewer. So we have heard of optical illusion, corrupted minds and stuff. Now take a look at the below picture.

All are my very beloved friends and me the photographer. Now its clear that they are very keen and so interested in something to their right. Now take a CLOSER look at the next picture.

Yes they are gazing at the National Gallery with much interest. So now this is illusion as more than half of the readers tend to think bad about my friends ( they are the same people who bashed me in the snow) . This picture explains what is the line drawn between illusion and Sight adichifying.Now all of them in the picture are real Art passionate guys and have much interest in the Gallery.

Now illusion means what we see is not what we think, so for example Rakhi sawant ji( respect! ), when a person gets to see her picture for the first time , they totally get deceived that she is an actress with the oomph factor. But unique people like me think of her goody social service to the poor and rich. Now POOR I refer to Elesh Parujanwala as he could not get a better girl than her and RICH I would refer to Abhishek Awasthi who was nothing but a normal fellow in the society who shot to stardom thru the slap. I reckon he is happy that he got slapped in the end.

Now this is a random baseless post without knowing what to post, so full of facts and nutty messages... Happy working and studying everyone :) ...see you in yur spaces soon