Friday, July 31, 2009

eNgLiSh cLaSs

----To all those who have already read it..sorry about that, i deleted this by mistake and thought I'd post this again :), so please bear this! As for those who have not read it..please Kaa Kaa it away :) ----------

Was another day in my primary school class and i was'nt throwing any tantrum and only scribbling and drawing in my benchmate's fairnote. Then came my English mam, we called her as Paru...because her nose was as big like a parrot nose. As usual she started her classes right away and the class today was pronouncing silent Alphabets. She started of lecturing about how and where the 'r' is used , and not to stress on the word.

I was too bored with the class if i was interested any time. The first word she tried to teach us was CAR... she asked me to stand up and pronounce it..i said " CARRRR", Teacher :" nooooo, its almost like CAAr, with less 'r' in it, its silent!", She instructed me to pronounce it 10 times and also instructed the whole class to go along with me once i repeated correctly. Too angry with the insult and i said " CAA , CAA , CAA " eventually turning to a " KA KA KA KA KA ", The whole class started yelling at the top of their voice as " KA KA KA KA" and without synchronization... it was almost like a swarm of crows and our teacher started shouting to STOP STOP.....but in vain...then seems to be that the next classrooms had taken this up as well.

And slowly the whole block started yelling and passerby crows joined the song as well ,there was no stopping it until our brilliant Headmaster rang the school bell and the "Kaa'ing" stopped and everyone ran out 45 mins before end of school. Of course except me.

It seems my Headmaster always had a constant disliking for my Bum and he beat me Black n Blue .When they asked why did i shout , i pointed at my English mam and said " Paru only asked me to say CAA" , everyone looked bewildered and realized in a split second who and why it was Paru... she went RED!!! and totally embarrassed For some nutty reason i found it funny and giggled. That was it! my parents were summoned and i went on a trial, finally the Defence Attorney had to persuade them to put me in adifferent class and not banish.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Finally someone wants me to blah blah a big thanks to Ekta :) ! This whole tagging thing occured weird to me earlier but now i see how you can get to know yur blog mates as well.So i'll just keep it smaller to make it more readable and not borable(do we have those two words in dictionary at all)

Four places you have lived
1. Salem-TN - This is where i was born, grew up studying and learnt being naughty, and whatsover so called maturity. Given an oppurtunity with a decent pay i'd definitely go back to this small town.
2. Bangalore

3. Chennai -
I simply adore this place! I could keep boasting endlessly and still not get tired. However to bore yu all less, i'll just cut short the best outta here. 1. Beach - Nothing is serene and beautiful as beach could beYu wanna enjoy, then play ball there, yu want some loneliness, sit near the waves, I just love the beach crazily :)! 2. Rajnikanth - My Thala, am a crazy lunatic fan of Superstar and where else other thanchennai can be the best place 3. Adyar Guyz , click the link and yu'll know why.

4. Southampton, UK - A year and still Southampton is my home. Beautiful and a quiet place where i learnt how to enjoy the loneliness. Have a couple of gud friends like Stuart Little , and many more. Can never forget the New year eve near London eye, where the spectacular display of fireworks kept 8 lakh people along with me gaping :)! Southampton indeed is my second home.

Four TV shows you love to watch
1. Prison Break - A Plot that you can never forget and so intense that you have to wait for the next episode at the edge of yur seat. Until prison break was over i had the Michael Scofield fever running high! A must watchfor all plot kinda watchers.

2. Friends - Can watch this over and over and over and yet not get tired of this American Sitcom. How can some one possibly forget Joey's " How yu doin....", and everlasting Chandler's nut jokes and High Maintainence Monica...and Gross Ross, funny Phoebe and beautiful Rachel :) .The best in the lot!

3. Lost - Totally Lost in this series.. very deep and highly imaginative series which leaves a very definitive impact on everyone who watches this. Many a time i have tried to do a Sarcastic Sawyer :) ending up to be like Hurley.

4. Lollu Sabha in Vijay TV - Yu name any brilliant movie in Tamil and they have the spoof made so ridiculously funny:). This show is extremely funny and can make you beg not to swap the channel. Its one TV show which the Kollywood cine starsdread watching it!

Four places you have been on vacation
1. Paris - Oh dear Sweet Lord :), please give me an another oppurtunity to visit the romantic paris! Spell bound, mind boggling..Awesome!! I cried and almost fainted when i first saw the Eiffel Tower and Monalisa .

2.. All temples in Tamil Nadu - :) Ok a generic sentence, just to pull my mom's leg! She has taken me n my bro to most of the famous temples around Tamil nadu althought our Area of Interest was something else.

3. Tirupathi & Kodaikanal - My Dad takes us to Tirupathi every year and its like a Vacation & a worship combo offer. Kodaikanal is a soooper appu place, can never forget the Coalker's walk there!

4. New Forest, UK - Director Shankar should see this scenic Marvel...watta place yaar!

Four of your favorite foods
1. Chocolate - Anything that has chocolate...i'd melt at its sight!

2. Pastas & Couscous - I didnt know these stuff until i came to UK and boy are they a delight and yummy to eat!

3. Egg Kothu parotta - For those who are into Street food in TN, they will know these...boy o boy!! they are super spicy and lip smacking!

4. Rava Masal Dosa & Onion pakoda - Nothing can beat the taste of masala in Rava:) and yum yum pakoda

Four places you would rather be
Would love to settle down in London, also Salem, Texas US and Chennai finally:)
Four movies you can see over and over again
1. Baasha(Tamil) - Superstar is unbeatable in this movie.. can watch it 100 times and start over again!
2. Spielberg is a genius and his Back to the future Trilogy always fascinates me :)
3. Sweet November - Keanu reeves was excellent and a sad ending Romantic story :(.
4. Pursuit of happyness - Touching and Boy my fav Will Smith!

Four things u hope to do before you die
1. Eat Swiss chocolates on the top of Swiss Alps with my best friend :)
2. Talk and the whole world should listen my speech! not a joke ...
3. Roam the world...!
4. Have my loved ones near me when i die.

Tag four people who will respond
Jyoti - My gud blog friend
Cute Cadre - funny chennaite :)
Gayathri - An Awesome blogger !
Sowmi - has a gift for writing..

The tag Rules: 1. Link the person who tagged you. 2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post. 3. Post this in one or all of your blogs. 4. Answer the four questions following these Rules. 5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them. 6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List. 7. Have Fun! Questions & Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: Ekta
2. Her site's title and
3. Date when you were tagged: 17th July 2009
4. Persons you tagged: Given above- Jyoti , Cute Cadre, Gayathri, Sowmi

Thanks for yur patience to any1 who is reading this sense full of nonsense :)..i'd luv to tag many Ayus,Sai, Ekta again :) , but its a 4 tag and i'd rather refrain from doing that...cya soon

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

EnD oF dAyZ

Was just wondering what ll happen if tomorrow is when the world ends? Thought i'll just add what i'd do on a lighter note :) , Please do share yurs

1. Always wanted to find out how people yell in different tones and languages when they get pricked by a needle....of course in their ass :)

2. Try and propose to every cute gal that comes across me. Never done this proposing part before, so would love to see their reaction.

3. Call up my boss and say in a grim tone that he is fired :) ! ! er.. if tomorrow is the last day !

4. Try and get myself in the TV and get famous somehow, " you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" - wonder why i said that now.

5. I always wanted to see T.Rajendar (Romeo from Chriz's blog)and talk to him , so will try to meet him as quickly as possible. He might be one of the reason for end of days .

6. We Adyar Guyz will try and organize a cricket match 1 hour before the extinct and play with the neighbour kids, err..batting first and then watch the doom.

7. Lastly would like to shout like Tarzan jumping on the top of one car to another at the last minute.

What would you do ? Yeah on a lighter note pls do share yur weirdness :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

cRaP tAlK...

We all shud have overheard so many conversations from the loo, today i was at the London Technology Center for a official work( u'd believe that) and i overheard a talk between two nerds( am damn sure they won't read this blog). It was actually some guy on a mobile phone, and it was quite funny. I was not able to make out what the other person on phone was asking/talking, so from this guy's response i just framed things up....of course and most of the conversation as well :)
( Phone rings)
Guy in loo(GL) : Hello Mate , you alrite? wha yu doin?
Guy from Phone(GP) : Me gud.. just hanging around yu know...what are yu doing?
GL : alrite..and me ...ahem...err..kinda stuck in downloading something yu know.....
GP : Downloading that i know? what is that....?
GL : no no.... i mean you'd not know what am downloading,i'd rather not say what.... ok wat do yu want?
GP : Oh shit!!
GL : Wat? How the hell do you know?
GP : Know wat?? .. i stomped my foot here.. whats the matter with yu?
GL : Ha Ha....
GP : Ok, listen am waiting outside...come soon
GL : How the heck? Is that your shoes?...
GP : What do you mean? Am outside the building..Stop the crap and come out..
(At that moment, the bathroom cleaner appears magically and knocks on the door to inform every one to hussle out , as he had to clean)
Cleaner : Hello, anybody there...coming in..
GL : No No...can't come out now...wait!!
GP : Yu wont?? don't yu want the Lomofen's(Stomach upset pills)
Cleaner : Its late sir, come out!
FLUSH sounds....
GL comes out... i double with laughter!! and he stares at me red!
GP : Wha the noise?
GL : Nothing...My stomach!!
Ha Ha he ho... apparently the Guy in the phone from otherside should have come earlier :)!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bathroom singers

Wonder how many of you actually sing in the bathroom, well am a World Class bathroom singer and have successfully been hit by soaps several times out of appreciation while singing in the hostel bathrooms.

For those who dont sing in the bathroom, please try it even if your voice is like a blade on the slate, it does come out well , as because of
the four walls closed in between produces a echo and a real haunting...err enchanting sound.

I remember this, as today being Sunday and a long shower definitely cools of my Ignited Mind(ho he ha), so i hit the shower and was no
t able to get this song outta my vocal chords - "Beat it" from MJ as i have been hearing his songs ever since he passed away .

I was yelling at the top of my voice holding the shower as if performing on a stage, when suddenly the water stopped. I was upbeat totally when i heard my friend shouting from outside that, he would not turn on the water unless i kept quiet, i realised he was my enemy and would do the same thing when he takes bath.

Anyways thats not the real stuff which i wanted to blog, it was another early morning during my final year days and i was taking bath( i do , i do...pls believe me for God's sake!) and as usual i was singing while taking bathe like this

... as most of you know all the guys hostel have as much as 10 bathrooms together with the roof open , so the next couple of doors can actually hear you out! So i was singing the song from Superstar's BAASHA - "Naa autokaraen, autokaraen..." , well as i reached my first stanza i was completely lost in my thoughts and imagining myself singing for very own superstar, i actually heard some one shout, but then i thought those were my fans asking for ONCE MORE....then i got this from the guy from next bathroom...

He had to throw the bucket from the next bathroom to shut me up..! well some people are always poramai(Jealous in tamil) of others... wat yu say?